Wedding Anniversaries: Traditional & Modern Gift Ideas, From the 1st Anniversary through 60th

Ringing in another year of wedded bliss is definitely something to celebrate. As you reflect on another milestone you and your spouse made as a couple, it’s fun to keep the tradition alive with the common traditional and modern anniversary gift themes. 

8th Anniversary

Traditional: Pottery/Bronze
There are so many lovely ceramic gifts that are perfect for the traditional 8th anniversary gift of pottery. With bronze being an alternate gift for this milestone, there are more options than you may realize.

  • A ceramic garden stool is a multi-functional must-have... and it’s also really pretty. It works perfectly outdoors or in, where it can be used as a side table or stool.
  • Channel that romantic scene in Ghost and sign up for a pottery class together. You’ll make something fun, but more importantly, you’ll make memories.
  • A ceramic vase adds some personality and flair, especially if you can find a unique homemade one at a local art show or fair. Bonus points if you fill with fresh flowers.
  • Enjoy your morning cup of java together with some personalized coffee mugs.
  • Get a bronze plaque customized with a special message or names to display outside of your home.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adler

Modern: Linens/Lace
Linens and lace are the makings of soft, sultry gifts, and the possibilities are endless. From new bedding to sexy lingerie, there are many ways to celebrate your modern 8th anniversary.

  • It may be time for you to upgrade your bedding, so a set of luxury sheets, pillowcases, and a comforter is a gift you both can enjoy.
  • For a sexier anniversary present, opt for a few pairs of lace panties.
  • Get some monogrammed hand towels for your bathroom to add some clean sophistication.
  • A scarf is always a must-have accessory, so look for a pretty lace scarf that can be worn in any season.
  • A monogrammed handkerchief is a sweet gift he will always cherish.  

Photo couresy of Williams Sonoma

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