Invitation + Guest List

  • outdoor wedding ceremony

    With guest lists shrinking due to the pandemic, it's become harder than ever to determine your guest list. Here, wedding industry pros share their best advice for pruning the list.

  • Micro wedding

    Wedding guest lists are shrinking, and a new trend is emerging: the intimate micro-wedding.

  • You've got each of your big day invitations signed, sealed, and ready to be delivered to the final destination in one pretty little piece — that's the hope, at least!

  • Determining the size of your wedding depends on your budget, personality, and social circle. But no matter how many guests you'll invite, it will be a blast! Here, wedding planners break down the pros and cons of each size category, along with tips on how to make your event memorable.

  • Editor-in-chief Diane Forden answers a reader's burning question

  • Composing wedding invitations involves complex-and beautiful-etiquette guidelines. We RSVP to your urgent questions.

  • Who's allowed to bring a date? Should I invite my ex? Get a handle on common dilemmas.
  • Who's invited to the wedding? Who isn't? Here are common-sense ways to get your guest list under control.

  • Think your budget and guest count have irreconcilable differences? Here's how to bring them back together.