Inside the Micro Wedding Trend

Wedding guest lists are shrinking, and a new trend is emerging: the intimate micro-wedding.

Micro wedding
Photo: Andreas Pinacci Photo via Ti Amo Ti Sposo Weddings

Let's face it — couples who planned on a 2020 wedding are struggling. Even those who already postponed their weddings due to the pandemic are finding that they may need to further alter their plans, like shrinking their guest list, altering their venue, or modifying their theme. The micro wedding trend was already on the rise before COVID-19, and we expect to see it expand well beyond this year.

What is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding is an intimate celebration filled with just the couple's closest friends and family — typically no more than 50 guests. It can be formal, casual, or anywhere in between. It often includes many of the traditional wedding elements, just on a much smaller scale. 

Micro wedding
Photo: Andreas Pinacci Photo via Ti Amo Ti Sposo Weddings

Why have a micro wedding?

First, there's the budget consideration: The fastest way to trim your wedding budget is to trim your guest list.

But while a micro wedding can be a cost-cutting choice, it can also be a way to re-focus your wedding budget on what’s truly important to you. With fewer guests to wine and dine, you’ll have room in your budget to splurge on that 8-piece band you’ve always dreamed about, that end-of-the-night fireworks display you secretly covet, or the dreamy venue that always seemed out of reach. A micro wedding can give you the chance to live out your dream nuptials, albeit with a smaller crowd.

Micro wedding
Photo: Love and Water Photography via OFD Consulting LLC

How to make your micro wedding special

One huge perk of a smaller guest list is an expanded selection of wedding venues. Consider non-traditional options, like a funky downtown art gallery, your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant, inside a clock tower, or a beautiful park or garden. You can also turn your micro wedding into a destination wedding and enjoy an epic weekend getaway with your loved ones.

Pick a splurge or two. Ask yourself, what’s most important to you? Maybe it’s the food — so indulge in a memorable five-course meal. Or maybe you’re all about the entertainment; consider booking a special live performance. You can also splurge on favors — with fewer guests to gift, it’s easier to increase your price-per-person budget.

Intimacy is key with a micro wedding, so keep that in mind when designing your table layout. Perhaps skip the round tables in favor of one long banquet-style one. Sit among your guests, rather than at a separate sweetheart table. Seat your guests according to common interests instead familial lines to encourage bonding and forming new relationships.

Micro wedding
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