Wedding Anniversaries: Traditional & Modern Gift Ideas, From the 1st Anniversary through 60th

Ringing in another year of wedded bliss is definitely something to celebrate. As you reflect on another milestone you and your spouse made as a couple, it’s fun to keep the tradition alive with the common traditional and modern anniversary gift themes. 

9th Anniversary

Traditional: Willow/Pottery
Potted plants add some much-needed green to any interior space and can be a chic gift that lasts a long time. With Willow collectables and more handmade pottery, the traditional 9th anniversary gift is as solid as your marriage.

  • Succulents are some of the longest-lasting plants; pick up some succulent planters to display these beautiful plants.
  • Take your greenery to the walls; a set of animal wall planters holds some nice flowers and adds to wall décor.
  • Add to your Christmas tree with a willow tree ornament to commemorate the milestone.
  • Handmade pottery bowls are unique and versatile; personalize them with a sweet message inscribed on the bottom.
  • A personalized willow tree figurine will forever remind your partner of your nine wonderful years of marriage.      

pottery animal
Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

Modern: Leather
Leather gifts are luxurious, fashionable, and the perfect way to commemorate your 9th wedding anniversary. After almost a decade of marriage, up the ante with these luxury gift ideas.

  • Almost a decade of living together may mean it’s time for new furniture. A leather couch adds comfort and sophistication to any room.
  • Spoil your spouse with a new car, complete with a leather interior.
  • A new set of leather luggage is a thoughtful gift that will last, too. Use it to travel the world together.
  • For the creative type, pick up a sturdy leather-bound journal.
  • A leather-wrap watch can be just as fashionable as it is functional. 

leather couch
Photo courtesy of Bryght 

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