12 Off-the-Registry Gift Ideas the Couple Will Love

Shopping from the wedding registry certainly makes everything easier, but what if you can't find anything you like (or everything in your price range has already been purchased)? Here's how to find something the couple will truly treasure.

wedding gift
Photo: Sheff Production Photography & Videography

Personalized recipe cards. "Give the bride-to-be a collection of heartfelt recipes from friends and family to treasure." —Anastasia Shevchenko, Sheff Production Photography & Videography

Wedding date ornament. "This personalized gift is thoughtful and will make the holidays even more special." —Carrie Negri, Emily Coyne Events

Custom monogrammed towels. "Present elegant towels personalized with the couple's initials for a touch of sophistication in their new home." —Shevchenko

Framed wedding invitation. "Every couple will appreciate a framed copy of their wedding invitation suite!" —Negri

DIY memory jar. "Encourage guests to write down their favorite memories or well wishes to be cherished forever." —Shevchenko

A gift certificate for wedding bouquet preservation. "Check off one of the bride's to-dos and gift her the ability to get her wedding bouquet preserved." —Negri

Customized spa gift set. “Treat her to a day of relaxation with a spa gift set featuring her name or initials.” —Shevchenko

Name changing service or pet service for honeymoon. "Finding the perfect wedding gift can often be a daunting task. We commonly find that clients struggle to find the right combination of selecting a unique present within a list of simple options or running the risk of shopping outside of a wedding registry. Our best suggestion is the select something universal to the wedding process that truly feels like a gift rather than another item for them to unbox. If either or both of the couple is planning to change their name post-wedding, a gift card or credit to a name change service like NewlyNamed or HitchSwitch can be a great resource to make this process a seamless transition. Similarly, if the couple is planning a long honeymoon where they are unable to take their fur baby, offer complimentary boarding service for their pet(s) while they are away." —Ari Busch, Operations Manager and Lead Planner at Bridal Bliss

Glassware. "I love gifting friends and clients gifts that they could use at their wedding! One of my go-to gifts is beautiful glassware that matches the aesthetic of the wedding. Estelle Colored Glass is one of my top resources for beautiful glassware and glass accessories." —Melanie Levin, Owner, LuckEleven Events

Cake cutting knife set. "Another pre-wedding gift idea is a cake cutting knife set. Many clients will rent one or borrow the catering team's set because they feel like it's a one-time use and prefer not to spend on it. Eventually, they will definitely use it again and it comes engraves, they will remember that gift and the wedding day for years to come." —Levin

Coffee table book of honeymoon spot. "My last sentimental go-to gift is to buy the couple a coffee table book of the place they are going to honeymoon. They can look forward to their epic vacation post-wedding and display it as a keepsake. Don't forget to write a nice message on the inside of the cover for bonus memories!" —Levin

Personalized gifts and experiences. "You could ask friends and family to contribute their own special dishes. Another fun idea is custom caricature drawings of the couple or personalized crossword puzzles featuring their love story. And for the more adventurous types, maybe a cooking class or a weekend getaway experience. Younger couple like Gen Z: How about a custom-designed neon sign featuring a phrase or inside joke that's special to the couple? It's a trendy and personalized décor piece. Another idea is a subscription box for an immersive date night experience at home — think unique snacks, games, or even a DIY escape room kit. Lastly, consider a virtual reality (VR) experience. It could be anything from a VR tour of a dream destination to a multiplayer game they can enjoy together." —Misty Damico, CEO & Founder, Luxe Event Productions