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  • reusable wedding decor

    One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is choosing the decorations, but it is also one of the most time consuming parts.

  • From braided updos to low-key waves, these gorgeous wedding-chic hairstyles will make your bridesmaids shine on your wedding day.

  • So he’s the perfect guy — but a less-than-perfect groom? We chose four common dilemmas brides report when trying to get their guys to lend a hand, and then asked male wedding experts how to deal.

  • Ringing in another year of wedded bliss is definitely something to celebrate. As you reflect on another milestone you and your spouse made as a couple, it’s fun to keep the tradition alive with the common traditional and modern anniversary gift themes. 

  • From the genuine and sentimental to the crazy and fun, you’ll want these shots on your bridesmaid photo shot list. 

  • wedding keepsakes

    They say that once all is said and done, all that you have from your wedding day are your photos (and your memories). But that's not the case with these special keepsakes, which help you to preserve your gown, bouquet, stationery, and more.

  • The wedding tradition of carrying "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe" originated in the Victorian era. Since sixpence isn't a currency in the U.S., and plenty of wedding items can count as your "something new," many modern brides focus their attention on the other three criteria. Check out some sentimental and stylish ways to incorporate good-luck tokens into your bridal ensemble!

  • Determining the size of your wedding depends on your budget, personality, and social circle. But no matter how many guests you'll invite, it will be a blast! Here, wedding planners break down the pros and cons of each size category, along with tips on how to make your event memorable.

  • Pre-marital counseling may seem like a thing of past — and with secular weddings on the rise, couples don’t need their priest’s permission to get married any more than they need their parents’. 

  • Feeling exhausted from all that wedding planning? You’ve earned a little break. Kick back and prepare to be inspired by our favorite movie and television nuptials. Here are 25 tips we’ve learned from them.