Items That'll Most Likely Collect Dust After Your Wedding Day

It's easy to get carried away with wedding-day purchases — it is your big day, after all! But not all splurges are created equally. These items are most likely to end up shoved in a closet and forgotten about after you've said "I do."


bride and groom wedding ceremony
Photo: Suess Moments

Items specific to your theme. "Unique decorative items to fit your theme can initially sound like a good idea, but they will be stowed away in your basement, collecting dust," says Lisette Gatliff of Lisette OC Photography. Be mindful of all the extra little things you splurge on. Try finding items that you can repurpose after your big day is over!" 

Programs. "Programs are always a lovely touch, but they're certainly not necessary for your wedding ceremony. Chances are, the additional ones you're left with that are leftover after the wedding day will end up getting tossed anyway," says AJ Williams, Founder & Creative Director of AJ Events. "Skip the programs and opt for a welcome sign instead!" 

A traditional guest book. "While you'll of course want a way to commemorate the guests that attended your wedding to celebrate your love, chances are your traditional guest book will end up shoved on the back of a dusty bookshelf within a couple years," says Williams. "Choose an alternative guest book, like a game where guests can sign the pieces or a photo with a matte surrounding that guests can sign, or forgo the guest book altogether and have guests make a donation to a charity in your name as a meaningful celebration of your wedding." 

One-off bridal fashion accessories. “Making sure you are spending your hard-earned money on the best wedding purchases is always a challenge. Think about your purchases and how they can be reused before pressing 'buy now,'" says Kat Platt, Co-Founder and Designer of Bliss-On by Kat Platt, a swimwear line that brings elements of your wedding dress into the swimsuit design — perfect for the honeymoon, and "a perfect way to remind you of your special day in the years to come," says Platt.

Gifts for just one of you. “Although a grill set for your fiancé might excite him, wedding gifts are meant to be for the both of you. Rather than gifts that are for one of you individually, consider art or décor pieces for your home that reflect both of your styles," says Silpa Yadla, Founder and CEO of Nook + Cove, an online registry service.

Expensive clothing items for the wedding day. "You want to have a beautiful wedding, but you may not need some of those big ticket items after your wedding day. For example, you don’t have to buy an expensive custom suit or tuxedo to look like a million bucks. Rental has come a long way since you wore that boxy tux to your prom," says Matt Ramirez, SVP of Marketing of Generation Tux. "With the evolution of online tools and shopping you can do your fitting online and have everything shipped directly to you and your wedding party. Don’t spend a ton of money on a suit or tuxedo that will collect dust years after the wedding. Rent it, return it, and save yourself some money and closet space."