50 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

These days, wedding guest books can be so much more than just a collection of your guests' signatures. From prompts that encourage your guests' creativity to customized pieces of art you'll love displaying in your home, these innovative ideas certainly won't just sit around collecting dust after the big day.

By: Kristen Klein

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  • Plate


    A custom plate makes a wonderful keepsake from your big day.

  • Globe


    Let your guests send messages from around the globe.

  • Books


    Have each guest leave a note by a Bible passage that he or she feels is significant.

  • Books


    Transform a dictionary into a guest book by asking your loved ones to choose a word that makes them think of you, and leave a message incorporating that word.

    Photo Credit: Nancy Cohn Photography

  • Advice


    Gather fun ideas from your guests that'll spice up your weekly date night.

    Photo Credit: Details Made Simple

  • Photos


    Display your favorite photos from throughout your relationship; let each guest to choose his or her favorite one to write a message on the back. 

    Photo Credit: Abby Rose Photo

  • Hearts


    Drop sweet signed hearts into a shadow box.

    Photo Credit: Happily Ever After

  • Initials


    Display this signed monogram proudly in your home after the big day.

  • Mad Libs

    Mad Libs

    These fill-in-the-blank cards are guaranteed to make you laugh when you read through all of your guests' responses.

    Photo Credit: BlushNotes/Etsy

  • Cutting Board

    Cutting Board

    Represent your home state! You'll love pulling this out while entertaining in the years to come.

  • Thumbprints


    Thumbprint guest books are a fun way to have your guests create a piece of art; choose a backdrop that reflects your wedding venue. 

  • Advice


    Have your guests fill a birdcage with their words of wisdom.

  • Atlas


    Have your guests decorate the pages of an atlas.

  • Postcards


    Hosting a destination wedding? Gather postcards from the local gift shop and ask your guests to write their well wishes on the back. They'll serve as wonderful keepsakes of your trip together.

  • Typewriter


    Step back in time and ask your guests to type out messages to you on a vintage typewriter.

  • Video


    Take the idea of a photo booth to the next level by creating a video booth instead! 

    Photo Credit: Ali Harper

  • String Art

    String Art

    String art — where a design is made by wrapping thread, string, or wire around nails laid out in the shape you want — turns into a meaningful keepsake when your guests sign their well wishes around your creation.

    Photo Credit: Magnolia Photography

  • Photo Mat

    Photo Mat

    Fill a picture frame with a custom graphic that represents your big day, and ask guests to sign their names on the photo mat.

    Photo Credit: Magnolia Photography

  • Thumbprints


    Let your guests show off their creativity by turning their thumbprints into stick figures.

    Photo Credit: Dixie Pixel

  • Games


    Make game night more fun with personalized Jenga blocks.

    Photo Credit: Memories Through Time

  • Music


    Gather records of your favorite songs for your guests to sign.

    Photo Credit: Celladora Photography

  • Polaroids


    Take a DIY approach to the photo booth guest book with Polaroid pictures.

  • Thumbprints


    With a thumbprint guest book, your guests add "leaves" to your tree with ink, then sign by their fingerprints. Using a tree slice for your guest book is perfect for a rustic wedding.

  • Photo Booth

    Photo Booth

    Photo booths don't just provide your guests with a great favor — they can also be used to make a memorable guest book! Have your booth operator print two copies of each photo strip, and ask your guests to paste one of the strips into a book for you to keep.

  • Books


    Turn an inspiring children's book into a special keepsake.

    Photo Credit: Timecut Photography

  • Music


    Perfect for a musical couple, ask your guests to place their messages on a guitar.

    Photo Credit: Cuppa Photography

  • Wine


    Repurpose empty wine bottles into a "message in a bottle" guest book; guests can choose when they'd like for you to read their message by slipping it into that specific bottle. Then seal off each bottle at the end of the night, and don't open it until that anniversary!

  • Advice


    Set up a photo booth where guests can be photographed with their wedded wisdom.

  • Autograph Book

    Autograph Book

    Hosting a Disney wedding? Use autograph books (which kids use to collect signatures from Disney characters in the parks) as your guest book.

  • Engagement Photo Book

    Engagement Photo Book

    Turn your engagement photos into a keepsake book, filled with plenty of blank spaces for your guests to write messages.

    Photo Credit: SDK Photo & Design

  • Hearts


    Invite each of your guests to leave a hidden message behind a heart.

    Photo Credit: SuzyShoppe/Etsy

  • Wishing Tree

    Wishing Tree

    Let your guest book work double duty as wedding décor.

    Photo Credit: The Papery Nook

  • Ornaments


    Getting married near the holidays? Decorating your tree with these personalized ornaments year after year will always remind you of your special day.

    Photo Credit: Two Chics Photography

  • Wine


    You'll love popping the corks on these bottles of wine filled with your guests' signatures on your special anniversaries.

    Photo Credit: EVC Creations

  • Puzzle


    You'll have so much fun putting together this special puzzle filled with your guests' messages!

  • Advice


    Create a "tip jar" to collect advice for a happy marriage.

  • Quilt


    Are you handy with a sewing machine? Give each guest a fabric swatch to write their message, and then sew the patches into a quilt after the wedding.

    Photo Credit: J Wiley Photography

  • Advice


    Get your guests' creative juices flowing by providing a prompt — place a booklet with a different topic on each table.

    Photo Credit: Captured By Aimee

  • Wishing Stones

    Wishing Stones

    After the wedding, these personalized stones make a beautiful and touching addition to your home décor — place them in your garden or simply display them in a basin.

    Photo Credit: Stone Alone/Etsy

  • Bench


    For a guest book that certainly won't sit around hidden in a drawer for decades, have your guests write their messages on a piece of furniture!

  • Wine Corks

    Wine Corks

    Perfect for a vineyard wedding, gather corks for your guests to sign, and display them in a shadow box.

    Photo Credit: Simply Soltysi/Etsy

  • Surf Board

    Surf Board

    Fun for a beach wedding, ask your guests to add their messages to a surf board.

  • Signed Artwork

    Signed Artwork

    Let each guests write his or her name on a leaf.

    Photo Credit: Peachwik/Etsy

  • Hearts


    You'll love digging through this stack of wooden hearts filled with warm messages.

  • Card Book

    Card Book

    Keep all of your guests' messages tucked away in an envelope book.

  • Custom Canvas

    Custom Canvas

    Print a custom piece of art on a canvas for your loved ones to sign.

    Photo Credit: MyFairGuestBook/Etsy

  • Calendar


    Never forget a loved one's birthday again — grab a calendar, and ask guests to write a message on their birthday!

    Photo Credit: 4EverNAlways/Etsy

  • Bucket List

    Bucket List

    Let your guests help you create a bucket list of things to experience as a married couple.

    Photo Credit: BraggingBags/Etsy

  • Time Capsule

    Time Capsule

    Place a booklet on each table that corresponds to the table number, and ask guests to write a message for you to read on that anniversary. No peeking until you hit each milestone!

    Photo Credit: Fuzzy Gerdes

  • Wishing Well

    Wishing Well

    Ask your guests to drop their wishes for your future into a well.

    Photo Credit: BraggingBags/Etsy

50 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

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