10 Creative Photo Save-the-Date Ideas

Spread the joyful news that the wedding is finally (almost) here with an announcement that is just as fun and personal as the two of you.

Season's Greetings

To add a sentimental touch, take your photo right after getting engaged. Or, if you're having a longer engagement, consider shooting your save-the-date snapshot a year or two prior to the wedding during the season that you're getting married.

Follow this foolproof formula: A few simple props + the great outdoors + baked goods (to bribe your most photo-savvy friend to take the shot) = simple, yet eye-catching save-the-date nights. Don't forget to seal it with a kiss...foot lift optional.

Photo Credit: w+e photgraphie

Photo Credit: East Hill Photo

Photo Credit: Brittany Janelle Photography


Season's Greetings

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