Find the Best Wedding Venue for Your Budget

When looking to cut costs, always consider your venue. Here's how to manage expenses wherever you wed.

Budget Tips for a Loft Wedding

City brides love the blank canvas of an urban loft — there’s no ugly carpeting to cover up or gaudy chandeliers to ignore. The problem is, there’s not much else there, either.

loft wedding
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Go for a modern look. “If you want anything besides a chic, simple wedding, a loft is not the financially savvy choice,” says Paul. “But if you want a contemporary vibe, it’s fantastic.”

Keep the space clutter-free and embellish with pops of bright, monochromatic flowers.

Decorate with non-floral objects, like DIY paper pinwheels, flowers and origami shapes, says Robinson. Nichols recommends hanging pompoms or lanterns, and filling cylindrical vases with water and floating candles or branches. Use the city as your backdrop: In the daytime, pull the curtains open; at night, let the stars — or the skyline — be on display.

Be selective about vendors. Ask your loft manager for a list of preferred vendors who’ve worked at the site before. “It’s unusual for a loft to have an existing kitchen, so the caterer will have to create one,” says Paul. “Using a caterer who’s experienced with the space will keep your rental fees down, since they’ll know exactly what they need to cater there.”

Ask if you can purchase your own spirits for the reception. Save dough by going through a wholesaler.



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