Find the Best Wedding Venue for Your Budget

When looking to cut costs, always consider your venue. Here's how to manage expenses wherever you wed.

Budget Tips for a Vineyard Wedding

A vineyard setting, with fine food, stunning scenery and, of course, delicious wines, creates a rich, sensory experience. The problem? A potentially high price tag.

vineyard wedding
Photo Credit: Choco Studio

Keep your guest list as small as possible to ensure an intimate affair,” says Paul. The fewer guests, the easier it is to keep costs low.

Nix the standard full, open bar and stick to wine (and nonalcoholic drinks). “After all, you are at a vineyard,” she says. “You can pair a different wine with each course. It will wow your guests, and actually save you money over a full bar.”

Save on flowers. Because a vineyard is already full of lush trees, you won’t need to go crazy with high-priced floral arrangements. “Enhance the natural beauty; don’t compete with it,” says Nichols. “Keep the floral arrangements low — tall centerpieces start at about $200 each.”

Consider a family-style meal. Set long wooden tables with bowls of food, suggests Arin Robinson of Zinke Design in Tulsa, OK. “As long as you’re serving dishes with fresh vegetables and bright colors, you’ll eliminate the need for centerpieces.”

Recycle. “Wine bottles can double as table numbers and corks as escort cards. Make it a DIY project,” says Robinson.

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