Find the Best Wedding Venue for Your Budget

When looking to cut costs, always consider your venue. Here's how to manage expenses wherever you wed.

Money-Saving Ideas for a Restaurant Wedding

Foodie couples may want to get hitched at their favorite restaurant. But if you’re going to “buy out” the place for a night, it will likely cost you big. What to do?

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Photo Credit: Allan Zepeda for Mel & Co, courtesy of Brooklyn Winery

Choose the right day. “If the restaurant is always closed on Sundays, they may be willing to waive a buy-out fee and give you use of the whole restaurant if you guarantee a certain dollar amount,” says Paul. “Just as with a hotel, be sure to ask when the busy times are and avoid them.”

Decorate with small, reasonably priced items. “Opt for smaller bud vases as a centerpiece,” says Robinson. “And use the restaurant’s votive candles.”

Have the restaurant create a special wedding menu. “The menu you put together can offer a few options,” says Robinson. “This way you can control your price point for each guest and eliminate surprise add-ons.”

Forgo live entertainment. “Restaurants usually have sound systems that you can use with your iPod,” Nichols says.

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