Find the Best Wedding Venue for Your Budget

When looking to cut costs, always consider your venue. Here's how to manage expenses wherever you wed.

Budget Tips for a Backyard Wedding

outdoor wedding
Photo Credit: Susan Dean Photography

Think an at-home wedding will be cheap? Think again. Your home (or your parents’) has huge sentimental value, but remember it isn’t equipped with most things you’ll need.

Paul recommends saving on something you may not have even considered yet: the water. “Make sure the caterer doesn’t charge you an obscene amount for bottled water,” she says. “Use a water filter and fill pitchers with ice and lemon or lime slices. You’ll save hundreds of dollars on water!”

Robinson suggests giving guests an affordable favor that reminds them of home: “Pick one of Grandma’s favorite recipes and write it on note cards to pass out to guests,” she says. And keep the entertainment simple. “Have a single musician play. By cutting out the other five band members, you cut your cost.”

Decorate with string lights and Mason jars hung with ribbon from tree branches in the yard. Paul recommends: “Mix up different-size lanterns. As day turns to dusk, they’ll create a warm ambience for very little money.”

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