10 Mistakes Brides Make When Hosting Out-of-Towners

Faux pas that could sabotage your wedding weekend—and how to avoid them.

Extending your wedding day to an entire weekend where you spend time with loved ones makes getting married even more magical. Brides hosting out-of-town guests usually plan relaxing get-togethers and catch-up dinners for up to three days (if not more). But before you schedule that agenda, steer clear of the following hostess pitfalls.

Wedding Weekend Mistake #1: Not planning a welcome cocktail party.

As guests arrive in town after long car rides or flights, they’ll be hungry, thirsty and looking for you. If you skip this essential get-together in an effort to save money, you're setting guests up for potential disappointment.

Your Solution: Brides on a budget can still find ways to plan a casual welcome party without breaking the bank; even light fare will do the trick. If you've booked a fair amount of hotel rooms in your block, talk to the special events manager at the hotel about arranging a modest buffet at a discount. Or, try hosting a pizza party at your home or parents' house instead (send driving directions well in advance). If either of those options are still out of your price range, arrange to have welcome baskets with treats and beverages delivered to guests' hotel rooms shortly after they arrive.

Photo Credit: Jayd Gardina Photography

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