10 Mistakes Brides Make When Hosting Out-of-Towners

Faux pas that could sabotage your wedding weekend—and how to avoid them.

Wedding Weekend Mistake #9: Not communicating last-minute news to guests.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding and an unexpected weather disaster hits, like a hurricane or blizzard, you need to let all of your guests know to go to your Plan B location. If you don’t have an organized plan in place, it’ll create utter chaos.

Your Solution: A few days before the wedding, tell guests that you will post a Plan B notification, if necessary, on your wedding website three hours before the ceremony is scheduled to begin. If an emergency occurs and you need to go with Plan B sooner than that, arrange to have a member of your bridal party call or text them the news. Don’t just send an email, since some people don’t check emails every hour (or even every day).

Photo Credit: Weddings by Chris Sherburne Photography

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