10 Mistakes Brides Make When Hosting Out-of-Towners

Faux pas that could sabotage your wedding weekend—and how to avoid them.

Wedding Weekend Mistake #4: Taking on too many DIY tasks that have to be done at the last minute.

DIY projects might save you money, but some (e.g. baking and making your own floral arrangements) must be done the night before—or worse, the day of the actual wedding. Trust us: You won't want to waste an entire weekend slaving over homemade cupcakes while everyone else is out having fun! Some brides may even resort to asking wedding guests to help them pull off these DIY projects.

Your Solution: Don't take on any do-it-yourself tasks that are too time-sensitive or beyond your experience. It's worth it to hire a professional in order to give yourself that priceless time with friends and family. And don't let relatives take on any DIY tasks that close to the event, either—let them enjoy the celebrations as well.

Photo Credit: Evin Photography

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