10 Mistakes Brides Make When Hosting Out-of-Towners

Faux pas that could sabotage your wedding weekend—and how to avoid them.

Wedding Weekend Mistake #5: Participating in dangerous wedding weekend activities.

Rock climbing might sound like fun for your group, but you could scrape up your arms. Paintball outings may lead to big, ugly welts and bruises on your face, neck, and other body parts (even if you wear protective padding). Playing in a softball or flag football game could cause someone to twist or break an ankle, sending you—or your groom—down the aisle on crutches.

Your Solution: Sit out during any adrenaline-inducing activities, even seemingly-harmless ones like Ultimate Frisbee. You never know if a freak collision will blacken your eye or break your tooth! Be ultra-cautious at all of your wedding weekend events (no matter what they may be), to keep yourself in perfect condition for your wedding day and, later, your honeymoon.

Photo Credit: Meg Baisden Photography

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