Wedding Decor & Flowers

  • Simple, elegant ceremony décor puts the focus on you and your beloved. Here, top event designer Sasha Souza shares some show-stopping designs.

  • Chair décor is one of the most overlooked details. But with the right embellishments, you can transform even a standard folding chair into a beautiful part of your wedding vision.

  • Floral centerpieces are breathtaking, but their hidden price tags can put you in a budget-induced coma.

  • Maximize your floral budget by choosing in-season blooms. Here, find your best picks for each month.

  • Choose your favorite flower, then see all of the different ways you can incorporate that bloom in your big day!

  • The peony couldn't be more perfect for a wedding; it symbolizes a happy marriage, good health, and prosperity.

  • The hydrangea is a powerhouse flower; it delivers more blooms for your buck, since a single stem is so voluminous. The flower symbolizes perseverance and heartfelt emotions.

  • Want a little extra luck on your big day? Add stephanotis to your flower arrangements; this star-shaped bloom symbolizes good fortune and happiness in marriage.

  • A rose can have many different meanings, depending on the color.

  • An orchid symbolizes beauty and refinement, making it an elegant choice for your wedding.


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