Stunning Ceremony Décor Ideas

Simple, elegant ceremony décor puts the focus on you and your beloved. Here, top event designer Sasha Souza shares some show-stopping designs.

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  • Branches


    Soaring dogwood branches bring a touch of the outdoors in. Clusters of roses and amaranth lie at the base of each 10-foot arrangement; a custom-painted runner finishes the aisle.

    Photo Credit: Elizabeth Messina

  • Through the Gateway

    Through the Gateway

    A painted metal gate framing an antique urn is extended with arches and canopies, swagged with silk and covered in a riot of roses, hydrangea, amaranth, orchids and varietal greens.

    Photo Credit: Susan Stripling

  • In Full Bloom

    In Full Bloom

    An airy arrangement of cherry and apple blossoms adorns this graceful iron huppah. Accenting the border of the aisle are loose petals and cymbidium orchids suspended in glass vessels.

    Photo Credit: Sherman Chu

  • On the Beach

    On the Beach

    Coral & pink fabric echoes the pastel sand, while bamboo, netting, tropical blooms and leafy palm fronds play up the beachy vibe. Shell wind chimes tinkle in the Bahama breeze.

    Photo Credit: Alisha & Brook Photography

  • Encircled


    Tall pillars swagged in colorful fabric are arranged to surround the couple and their guests, lending a sense of intimacy to the ceremony. Each pillar is topped with roses, orchids and moss.

    Photo Credit: Sherman Chu

  • Natural Elements

    Natural Elements

    A leafy pergola overlooking a tranquil pond needs little more than a few strategic swaths of bold raspberry and sage draping, adding a pop of color to this free-spirited bohemian wedding.

    Photo Credit: Elizabeth Messina

  • Rustic Glamour

    Rustic Glamour

    White roses and hydrangea suspended from branches of a towering oak tree create a natural arch. White silk, rose petals, crystal strands and chandeliers add to the wildly romantic appeal.

    Photo Credit: Tanja Lippert

  • Chic & Modern

    Chic & Modern

    A white silk-covered huppah topped with sprays of orchids stands in chic counterpoint to the rolling hills of this bucolic setting. Clusters of orchids hang below, in blue-tinted water.

    Photo Credit: Damion Hamilton

  • Petal Aisle Runner

    Petal Aisle Runner

    White rose petals form a fragrant carpet that leads to a bamboo ceremony structure adorned with roses, amaranth and orchid and draped in breezy lengths of celadon green fabric.

    Photo Credit: Anna Kilbridge

Stunning Ceremony Décor Ideas