10 Marriage Firsts Every Newlywed Experiences

Author Sharon Naylor shares expert newlywed advice to keep you happy long after your wedding day.

6. First Time Hosting a Dinner Party

couple cooking

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Why It’s Big

This is one of those fantasies of married life that you may have had for years: You and your spouse welcoming wine bottle-toting friends into your home, sitting down at an elegantly-set table by the fireplace, dining and laughing until the wee hours. It's your first time hosting and using all of those bridal shower and wedding gifts to give your guests a wonderful experience. It might also be your first time making specialty dishes for family and friends.

How to Deal

Just have fun! Don’t ruin it by putting too much pressure on yourself, crying because you couldn’t find anise root at the supermarket or waking up at 3 a.m. to iron the napkins. Expect that some things will go wrong and you'll just have to adapt. Just keep your first dinner party on the small side (around six to eight guests), so that it doesn’t become an ordeal with rented tables and linens, a larger amount of food to prepare, and the threat of you working all night to keep guests’ drinks and plates filled. A smaller group for your starter dinner party lets you mix, mingle, and enjoy, while also being a fabulous host.

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