10 Marriage Firsts Every Newlywed Experiences

Author Sharon Naylor shares expert newlywed advice to keep you happy long after your wedding day.

10. The First Time You Get Scared by Marriage

scared of marriage
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Why It’s Big

You love your spouse, but let's face it, sometimes marriage can be scary. At some point, when you return back from your honeymoon (and into the real world), it might hit you that you're finally married. Being someone's wife comes with lots of responsibilities, potential loss (what if they leave or pass away?) and financial obligations. That first smack of marriage fear can really throw you.

How to Deal

In a great marriage, you feel comfortable saying, “I don’t know what I’d do if I ever lost you.” It shows the depth of the love you share for your partner. Make sure you appreciate each other, have fun together, be kind to one another and continually work at strengthening your marriage. If you find that the panic doesn't subside over time, and you test your spouse's love level by picking fights, speak with a qualified, reputable counselor who can help you figure out what's going on. Negativity and fear can be offshoots of depression or anxiety. It's always smart to get an expert's opinion—rather than just confiding in Mom or your best friend—because their opinion isn't colored by previous experiences with you and your husband. If couple's counseling is necessary, consider it an investment in your marriage. Tackle your problems head-on and do the smart thing by protecting your relationship (and yourself) against destructive thoughts.


Sharon Naylor is the best-selling author of over 35 wedding books, including Home from the Honeymoon: The Newlyweds' Guide to the Celebrations and Challenges of the First Year of Marriage.

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