10 Marriage Firsts Every Newlywed Experiences

Author Sharon Naylor shares expert newlywed advice to keep you happy long after your wedding day.

7. The First "Flirty Girl"

flirty girl
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Why It’s Big

What is it about a man's wedding ring that attracts random flirty girls? They may try to get your husband's attention at the supermarket, in a sports bar, or even at a friend's party, for an ego boost and a little bit of fun. At the start of your marriage, your general insecurity levels will be tested—will you laugh it off since you're confident he loves you, or are you the type who goes on full alert whenever someone even so much as glances in his general direction? That first flirtation is going to light a fuse, and it could go either way.

How to Deal

The first time a flirty girl comes on to your guy, give him a smile and say, "I can't blame her. You're the hottest guy in the room." That way, you've boosted his ego, and the woman in question just did you a favor. Your husband will love that you're confident in his loyalty to you. Don't overreact; unless he gives her his number, this is likely just a chatty woman who acts this way towards all men. If she's a maneater, most guys don't react to that act anyway, and you can believe that yours didn't interpret anything by her casual bump into him at the bar. She may have shot you a look afterward, but he didn't see it, so don't go ballistic on him. Don't be that wife: the always-angry one who's suspicious of every woman in the room, giving the silent treatment in the car or causing a scene when he's just being polite and engaging in conversation with someone. Insecurity can be a huge turn-off.

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