Wedding Anniversaries: Traditional & Modern Gift Ideas, From the 1st Anniversary through 60th

Ringing in another year of wedded bliss is definitely something to celebrate. As you reflect on another milestone you and your spouse made as a couple, it’s fun to keep the tradition alive with the common traditional and modern anniversary gift themes. 

45th Anniversary

Traditional & Modern: Sapphire
Sapphire is another beautiful gem in a standout color. Celebrate 45 years together with these beautiful traditional and modern gifts. 

  • A Waterford sapphire nut bowl is the serving dish you didn’t know you needed.
  • Toast to an amazing marriage with some sparkling wine in a pair of Waterford sapphire champagne flutes
  • A sapphire pendant dangling on a chain necklace is a wow-worthy piece of jewelry, even if it’s not the size of Titanic's Heart of the Ocean diamond.
  • Make your wife’s eyes pop with a pair of sapphire solitaire studs.
  • A sapphire eternity band is gorgeous for any occasion, especially as a 45th anniversary gift. 

blue glass vases
Photo courtesy of Bloomingdales

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