Wedding Anniversaries: Traditional & Modern Gift Ideas, From the 1st Anniversary through 60th

Ringing in another year of wedded bliss is definitely something to celebrate. As you reflect on another milestone you and your spouse made as a couple, it’s fun to keep the tradition alive with the common traditional and modern anniversary gift themes. 

20th Anniversary 

Traditional: China
Pieces of china are delicate collectables and make for sentimental traditional 20th wedding anniversary gifts. While you continue to add to your collection each year, these ideas never go out of style.

  • New dinner plates. If you feel like your nice china is getting a little outdated, spoil your spouse with a new set to really impress dinner party guests.
  • Add to your wedding china with a few extra sets. This will invoke nostalgia from your big day!
  • Vintage teacups are not only great for sipping hot beverages, but also look so whimsical when displayed on a shelf or in a cabinet.
  • New china cabinet. As your collection continues to grow, opt for something more modern to display all your collectables. 
  • An ivory serving bowl is essential for any elegant tablescape. Serve salads, side dishes, and more.  

china bowl
Photo courtesy of Lenox

Modern: Platinum
Nothing feels as sleek and sophisticated as platinum. The luxe metal is perfect for gender-neutral gifts and makes a stunning impression. 

  • Channel James Bond with a pair of custom platinum cufflinks
  • If your spouse enjoys a good cocktail, give a bottle of nice platinum tequila
  • You use your smartphone every day, so why not go bold? A platinum iPhone is a wow-worthy gift your spouse will love. 
  • Your evening cocktail will seem even better when sipped out of new platinum glassware
  • A dainty platinum chain necklace is the perfect high-end holder for a new pendant or charm. 

platinum iphone
Photo courtesy of Brikk

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