Wedding Budget Q&As

Answers to who traditionally pays for what, who pays for whom, and other issues of wedding finances.

Q: My fiancé and I have planned a romantic destination wedding in the Caribbean and have invited 20 guests from the U.S. Are we responsible for their airfare and lodging? 

A: Not to worry! It is solely the responsibility of your guests to pay their own way if they want to attend your wedding. You should, however, try to make their travel plans as pleasant, convenient and budget-friendly as possible. Set aside a block of rooms at a hotel and look for leads on low airfares (you may be able to get a good deal if a lot of seats are bought at once). Why not send your invited guests a brief newsletter now with hotel and airline recommendations, itineraries and any other interesting and useful tips about your destination? Your guests will appreciate your efforts and will still be free to make their own travel arrangements at their convenience.

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My question is: if renting a house for the brides family are we expected to pay for the grooms family? One 6 bedroom house will take care of our family, the grooms family would require another another 4 bedroom and then his attendants, or do they pay for their own????? Help! If I could get a response ASAP that would be awesome.