Wedding Budget Q&As

Answers to who traditionally pays for what, who pays for whom, and other issues of wedding finances.

Q: What’s considered the right amount of money for a wedding gift? I’ve recently been laid off and can’t afford to give my friends as much as I had originally planned. I don’t want to seem cheap, either.

A: There isn’t any set amount that’s considered appropriate for a wedding gift. You give what you can afford. Period. Let’s face it, the bleak economy has cut into nearly everyone’s budgets and, with your job loss, it’s perfectly understandable that you can’t be as generous as you’d like. If writing a check makes you feel uncomfortable, then select an item from the couple’s registry list. They’ll be glad you were a part of their special day, and they’ll appreciate receiving something that can be put to good use in their home.

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My question is: if renting a house for the brides family are we expected to pay for the grooms family? One 6 bedroom house will take care of our family, the grooms family would require another another 4 bedroom and then his attendants, or do they pay for their own????? Help! If I could get a response ASAP that would be awesome.