Wedding Budget Q&As

Answers to who traditionally pays for what, who pays for whom, and other issues of wedding finances.

Q: We plan to give gifts to everyone in our wedding party. However, my godmother is hosting a pre-wedding party for us, and some friends are performing at the ceremony. Should we give something to them as well? 

A: Smart of you to ask! You’re right on target and, yes, your godmother and friends should receive a token of thanks. To be more specific, gifts should be given to soloists and musicians or to anyone who goes above and beyond to assist in some way. And don’t forget the guest-book attendant, friends or relatives who host or drive out-of-town guests and your parents. These gifts needn’t be expensive, so don’t panic about the cost. Money clips, business-card cases, key rings, picture frames, small jewelry items or decorative boxes, engraved pens, flowers or plants, scented soaps, potpourri, candles, votives, stationery and mani/pedi gift certificates—all are wonderful presents that won’t break the bank. Believe me, the gesture is well worth it, and your friends and relatives will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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My question is: if renting a house for the brides family are we expected to pay for the grooms family? One 6 bedroom house will take care of our family, the grooms family would require another another 4 bedroom and then his attendants, or do they pay for their own????? Help! If I could get a response ASAP that would be awesome.