Before & After: Brides' Incredible Shape-Up Stories

We interviewed brides across the country who triumphed over medical conditions, lifelong battles with the scale and grueling 6 a.m. workouts — even documenting their most challenging moments on national television! — to get fit for their wedding day.

Nicole Mullin: "Crossfit is fun, challenging and competitive — I really felt a sense of accomplishment and saw great results quickly."

The turning point: 
"I am one of three girls and my wedding will be the third in three years for our family (my poor parents!). After seeing photos from my older sister's wedding, I decided I wanted to lose a few pounds."

How I did it: 
"I began losing the weight by boxing and dancing. Eventually, I joined Crossfit and started hot power yoga. I love to switch up my workout routines to fit my schedule and keep my body from plateauing. I love hot yoga because it helps with stress, balance, muscle soreness, stretching and mobility. I follow a Paleo Diet and try to eat mostly lean protein, vegetables and good fats. Sometimes I add brown rice or sweet potato, especially after a hard day of workouts."

before weight loss photoafter weight loss photo
Left: "Before" photo: Courtesy of Nicole Mullin
Right: "After" photo: Courtesy of Nicole Mullin

Advice for other brides: 
"Set smaller goals. At the beginning of the year, I decided to ramp up my workouts to prepare for my little sister's wedding, which took place on March 8th. I signed up for a hot power yoga challenge (30 days of classes in a row), along with a six-week clean eating challenge at Crossfit."

Enlist the support of your fiancé: 
"My fiancé Patrick goes to the gym daily and he also plays hockey a few days each week. We love to go for walks with the dog and hikes when we can."

Photo courtesy of Nicole Mullin

Where I am now: 
"In addition to losing 30 pounds, exercising helps me sleep better, have clearer skin, higher energy levels and less stress. I have made great friends at my workout classes and I actually look forward to going to them now. My goal for my wedding on May 23, 2015 is to be healthy, fit and happy, while still allowing myself to indulge in occasional treats!"

Competed on
The Biggest Loser

Overcame a
thyroid disorder

harry potter engagement photos
Gave up crash diets
for good

breakfast at tiffanys engagement photos
Joined the Paleo
nutrition movement


Saw results using
Weight Watchers

Gave herself a "wedding do-over"

Became addicted
to Crossfit




45 marathons in 10 years? That would be 1 marathon every 11 or so weeks. Sounds like this lady might be lying. A marathon is 26.2 miles and no easy task. Maybe she means 5ks races or half marathon? 45 just doesn't seem correct.