Before & After: Brides' Incredible Shape-Up Stories

We interviewed brides across the country who triumphed over medical conditions, lifelong battles with the scale and grueling 6 a.m. workouts — even documenting their most challenging moments on national television! — to get fit for their wedding day.

Stephaine Clemmer: "I've always struggled with my weight  I've tried all of the crash diets, pills and 'magic' shakes."

The turning point: 
"I was at my all-time heaviest and I wasn't happy...I never wanted to have my picture taken and I always compared myself to other women, asking why I couldn't look like that. On November 26, 2012 everything changed when my amazing fiancé, Craig, asked me to be his wife! I couldn't be more excited to spend the rest of my life with such a caring person who always sees the best in me — he makes my life so much better. Of course, my first thought was that I need a dress, so I vowed to get into the best shape of my life in the new year. I already had a gym membership but never really stuck to it until after I got engaged."

Left: "Before" photo: Courtesy of Stephaine Clemmer
Right: "After" photo: Courtesy of Stephaine Clemmer

How I did it: 
"I began my weight-loss journey in 2013 by exercising five to six days each week. I started with the elliptical and getting in other forms of cardio. Then, I took gym classes such as Cardio Fusion and Les Mills Pump. I cut out fast food restaurants and tried to eat more fruit and vegetables. I also joined a team of five or six friends in different states who had a private Facebook group to help motivate each other. Another incentive for losing weight was an app that my friend found for me called EveryMove. It offers rewards — such as discounted health food, sneakers and fitness gadgets, among other things — which motivated me to record my activities."

Advice for other brides: 
"I recommend trying fitness wristband trackers like FitBit or Jawbone. I absolutely love them because they allow you to compete with friends, which makes exercising more fun. (I'm an extremely competitive person!)"

Proudest moment: 
"In May 2013, I ran my first half marathon in two hours and 46 minutes — I was so excited! At the end of that summer, I did a few 5K races and in November, I signed up for the EST 10 Miler. Completing two long-distances runs in 2013 was an achievement I never thought I would ever be able to accomplish."

Photo courtesy of Stephaine Clemmer

Biggest challenges: 
"Sweets were my biggest downfall and meal planning requires time, which caused me to slack off sometimes. I was at a plateau for a good five months, so I told myself I would get back to working out five to six days per week. I began recording my calories better and I rewarded myself with little splurges (e.g. new running shoes or a mani/pedi) when I met smaller goals."

Where I am now:
"I am officially down 28 pounds. My goal is to lose that last five pounds and continue to add muscle definition. I am beyond determined to look amazing in my gorgeous Maggie Sottero wedding dress on May 12th, when I tie the knot in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. If I can do it, ANYONE can."

engagement photo
Photo courtesy of Stephaine Clemmer

Competed on
The Biggest Loser

Overcame a
thyroid disorder

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Gave up crash diets
for good

breakfast at tiffanys engagement photos
Joined the Paleo
nutrition movement


Saw results using
Weight Watchers

Gave herself a "wedding do-over"

Became addicted
to Crossfit





45 marathons in 10 years? That would be 1 marathon every 11 or so weeks. Sounds like this lady might be lying. A marathon is 26.2 miles and no easy task. Maybe she means 5ks races or half marathon? 45 just doesn't seem correct.