30+ Ways to Revamp Your Favorite Wedding Trends

Get expert advice on how to breathe new life into tried-and-true favorites.

7. Overly Produced Wedding Photos

Creative themed engagement and wedding photos have exploded in popularity the past few years and although we love Harry Potter, football and dinosaurs just as much as the next bride, what’s cool today can sometimes feel gimmicky a few years later.

harry potter engagement photo
Photo Credit: Brooke Aliceon

"Just like your invitations, flowers, menu and music choices should be a true reflection of you as a couple, so should your engagement and wedding photos," advise Korenberg and Pablo.

It’s great to get creative but only if it’s in line with your personality and demeanor. If wearing costumes or doing poses that don’t feel natural or genuine, they recommend nixing it. Not every photo needs a prop or a theme — sometimes the most beautiful shots are the ones that are the most simple. 

bride and groom
Photo Credit: Ashlee Raubach Photography

Photographer Brian Tropiano of Brian Tropiano Photography has seen many trends come and go throughout the years (including glowy glamour shots, “jumping” pics and fish-eye lenses) and he believes digital filters are next in line.

"Some photographers use digital filters to make bad images look ‘better’ or to make digital images look like film. So, this is why I prefer shooting film. Not only does it require me to know my craft but it delivers the authentic, timeless and consistent look that my clients are searching for in their wedding photos," he explains.

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