5 Magical Moments to Make Happen at Your Wedding

During your wedding, you undoubtedly want to wow your guests, your partner, and yourself! Having a magical moment (or many) is what the day's all about after all, isn't it? 

Celebrity event planners Brian Kelly & Sean Koski of Ticket2events, the pair planning their own wedding have 5 magical moments to incorporate in your special day — one of which you might have seen in their past events!

Bewildering with backdrops that wow

Current trends can make it easy for you to want to incorporate a picture worthy wall or backdrop at your wedding. Make it a magical moment by utilizing the wall as a gallery by including printed photos that showcase your love for one another and ultimately the journey to your big day. If a gallery wall isn’t your thing, make that backdrop part of an interactive station, like adorning it with the floral elements and using it as a backdrop for your photo booth or selfie station from companies like The Flower Wall Co Miami. Or, take it to the next level by creating a dessert bar display or a ‘ring for champagne’ action station where guests can press a button to receive their bubbly in a unique way!

wedding greenery wall
Photo: @theflowerwallcomiami

Sharing thanks with a special gift

The honor of being in a bridal party is usually lost along the way to the wedding day — especially with the amount of showering and such bridesmaids and groomsmen typically are expected to provide. Avoid pulling a rabbit out of a hat when thinking how to truly say thanks by keeping it simple yet unique. This magical moment can be made easy with a personal gift for your gals from places like 12fifteen, an online jewelry retailer who creates pure luxury at an affordable rate. Make this a magical moment happen during bridal prep (hair and makeup) or whenever you’re able to share your gratitude in the morning well before picture time with each of your gals individually. Gift the guys something with style from the suitshop.com where items start under $200 and are yours to own, from wedding day to everyday .

bridesmaid jewelry
Photo: @1215diamonds

Assigning guests’ seats and tables according to a theme

Magical moments made for guests should be made for all. Avoid breaking the bank with a special touch on any of your otherwise plain particulars, like the seating chart. Take it to the next level by picking a theme for guests’ tables and their seat assignments. For example, including your favorite vacation spots and replacing table 1 with someplace like ‘Montauk’, table 2 with ‘Palm Beach’ and so on. Everyone is just as important regardless of where they'll be seated. If vacation spots aren't your thing, choose flower names found in your bouquets and arrangements or really anything that’s cohesive enough of a category to sufficiently replace the amount of table numbers you'd traditionally use without having to reuse or repeat.

wedding seating chart
Photo: @thelxaweddings / Seating Chart: @xquisiteeventsfl

Spending 20 minutes to feast

Feast your eyes on those specially decorated rooms in the wedding venue, but do it before your guests do. Spend about 20 minutes or so to get to get first glance, but remember not to take more than 20 minutes to do so. Make this a magical moment by having this time set aside for just you and the one who said ‘I do.’ Enjoy the fruits of your labor after hours spent planning when you get to see the decorated space in private and before your guests do. Ticket2Events suggest 20 minutes for you to have enough time to practice a round of your first dance audience free, take a quick bite to eat, or even stop to smell the roses or whatever flowers you’ve decided upon, without any added guilt of being away from guests.

wedding first dance
Photo: Vinny Hogan, The League of Extraordinary Artists / Bride. @Laurenleaderhouse

A tasteful greeting

Welcoming guests without physically being there is a magical moment in itself and can be made possible with a welcome drink. Choose one that packs a punch, pleases the palette, or does both. A signature beverage with or without alcohol should use only the freshest ingredients and be so delicious guests react like Kristin Wiig’s character in bridesmaids after receiving a lemonade she couldn't resist. This magic moment can be made using a self-serve area like a bar cart upon entering the ceremony or served on a beautiful tray like these from designer @agustinfullbloom.  Its a great way to have your drink stand out!

wedding tray
Photo: @agustinfullbloom