Timeless Wedding Ideas that Work for Any Style

Whether you're a rustic bride or a glam bride, these classic wedding ideas can fit any theme.

bride and groom
Photo: Vanessa Hicks Photography

Conservation. "Today's marrying couples are more purposeful and practical in their planning and spending. No matter the wedding style, it's trendy to infuse conscious practices. Planning a 'green' wedding, shopping with and hiring local vendors or those whose values align with the couple, and making donations to a nonprofit instead of traditional favors are just a few of the intentionally conscious trends that can be incorporated into any wedding day style." —Maya Holihan, CEO and Founder, EWedded

Classic white wedding cake. "Whether your wedding style is classic or boho, you cannot go wrong with a classic white wedding cake. Starting with a white cake allows you to pull in elements that match your theme — think classic roses and greenery for the traditional couple and dried florals for the boho celebrants." —Randi Smith, Sugar Euphoria

classic white wedding cake
Photo: Melissa DeLorme Photography via Sugar Euphoria

Timeless apparel. "No matter what trend you have decided to incorporate into your wedding overall, suits and tuxedos are a timeless apparel choice. A blue or brown suit pairs nicely with your boho dress or a fashion tuxedo such as gray or classic black with your ballgown. The put-together look of a suit or tuxedo will complement any wedding style while still allowing you to stay on trend with endless accessories colors and options." —Matt Ramirez, SVP of Marketing, Generation Tux

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Welcome cocktail or champagne entrance. "We love a welcome cocktail or champagne entrance for any style wedding! You can show off your personal style through the decor and floral elements around the drink display or even select a drink that represents your wedding style. Our personal favorite: an actual coconut drink for a tropical wedding!" —Jenny Thomas, Lead Planner at Level Events

wedding champagne
Photo: Ashley Cook Photography via Alston Mayger Events

Wedding gown embellishments. "A little something special on your wedding gown always adds a unique touch, and there are so many options to find something that fits your own style. From romantic billowing puffy sleeves to classic pearls to chic bows, the possibilities are endless, and we're seeing more and more couples choose adornments like these for an elevated bridal fashion look." —Sarah Alouache, Creative Director, Founder and Designer, Sarah Alouache Bridal

embellished wedding gown
Photo: Johnny Chicollo Photography via Sarah Alouache Bridal

Livestream weddings. "No matter how big or small your guest list, there will undoubtedly be some loved ones who just can't it to make your wedding. For the guests that can't swing it — financially or otherwise — you can always livestream your ceremony so they can be included, too! There are several easy-to-use livestream apps that came out of the pandemic, and we predict they're here to stay. Many of them are free and offer a simple link for your guests to click without having to log in, so even those that aren't super tech savvy can view your wedding with ease." —Jenna Miller, Creative Director of Here Comes The Guide

Capes on dresses. "I am currently loving the trends of capes or wings on dresses! What I love most about them is the fact that most are removable! No matter what type of bride you are, these capes definitely add some drama and movement to your photos!" —Vanessa Hicks, Vanessa Hicks Photography

wedding gown with cape
Photo: Vanessa Hicks Photography

Having more than one look on your wedding day. "Outfit changes on a wedding day are becoming more common than wearing just one dress! Having a second dress to change into for your reception allows you the chance to showcase different sides of your personality — perhaps something sleek and sophisticated for your ceremony, and something flirty and fun for your reception! This is something that's popular for brides of all different styles!" —Sarah Alouache, Creative Director, Founder and Designer, Sarah Alouache Bridal

Weddings that give back. "Sure, you're going to drop a chunk of change on your wedding. But no matter your wedding style, you'll feel a lot better about it if your spending also reflects your values and makes a difference in the world! There are many ways to give back on your wedding day. From finding a nonprofit wedding venue and serving sustainable cuisine, to using upcycled wedding décor and donating your wedding dress or flowers, there's no shortage of things you can do to ensure your wedding investment has a far-reaching impact." —Jenna Miller, Creative Director of Here Comes The Guide

wedding bridal look
Photo: Johnny Chicollo Photography via Sarah Alouache Bridal

An emphasis on candid, authentic moments in photos. "We're seeing couples prioritize candid, authentic, genuine moments over perfectly polished poses — couples are loving the 'perfectly imperfect' photos at the end of the day more than anything else. Whether you're having a dreamy bohemian wedding or a classic and traditional wedding, you'll love being able to look back on your wedding day photos and see the moments that were most joyful on your wedding day, like you dancing with your best friends or the moment your partner surprised you with a serenade during the reception. Candid photos are becoming more and more important to couples of all different wedding styles!" —Daria Kapusta, Precious Pics

Neutral color palettes. "At the end of the day, less is more. No matter what vibe you're going for, keep it clean and simple! And definitely consider a neutral color palette with some pops of color, instead of lots of bright colors that dominate everything. And don't forget that no matter what kind of style you identify most with, you two are blending two lives and two families. Seek out the traditions from both sides, and incorporate those into your special day!" —Melissa Wilmot, CEO & Founder, WedBrilliant

neutral wedding color palette
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Interesting architecture! "Repeat after me: interesting architecture! Whether in your attire, on day-of signage or stationery, in the plating of your meal, or via your floral designer, give your guests something to look at and absorb throughout the evening." —Ashley Lachney, Owner of Alston Mayger Events

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Photo: Ashley Cook Photography via Alston Mayger Events