Wedding Ceremony Q&As

Answers to who walks when, who stands where, and other ways to make sure your ceremony is perfect.

Q: Do you think a wedding program is a good idea? My fiancé and I would like to have one, but we’re not sure what information to put in it. Any suggestions? 

A: A wedding program is definitely a good idea, for a number of reasons. It helps explain to your guests what they are witnessing and makes them feel more a part of the celebration; it reflects your personal style and it provides you and your guests with a lovely and fitting memento.
The wedding program should include the date, time and place of the wedding and the names of the bride and groom, their parents, the attendants and the officiants, as well as information on any religious or ethnic rituals. You should list the titles and composers of any music performed and identify the musicians and soloists. If you plan to have any readings or prayers recited during the ceremony, be sure to include the words and sources, along with the names of those doing the readings.

Many brides and grooms with deceased parents, relatives or friends choose to write loving tributes to them in the program. Other personal sentiments are acceptable as well, such as thanking your parents or welcoming your guests to share in your joy.

The program itself can be formal and elaborate or more simple in design. Consider a calligraphy-inscribed scroll tied with a ribbon or a printed booklet with a cover sketch. For an outdoor, warm-weather wedding, let your program double as a pretty fan to keep guests cool. Many couples like to create their own wedding programs on the computer. Ultimately, the design choice is yours, and the selection you make is yet another opportunity to express your personal style.

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