Wedding Ceremony Q&As

Answers to who walks when, who stands where, and other ways to make sure your ceremony is perfect.

Q: We’re planning an outdoor wedding that will start at 6 p.m. Is it appropriate to wear a lacy gown? 

A: There are no rules that say you can’t wear lace outdoors, so by all means go for it. Some of the prettiest bridal gowns today feature delicate lace accents (Chantilly and venise are two personal favorites) on bodices, skirts, sleeves or jackets. Let’s face it: Nothing says wedding quite like lace. It effortlessly lends romance and femininity to any dress, and it looks especially beautiful when used on fabrics like silk organza, chiffon or tulle. Ask your retailer to show you a variety of gowns with lace details. I think you’ll be amazed at the wonderful selection available in styles that are just right for an outdoor wedding.

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