Wedding Ceremony Q&As

Answers to who walks when, who stands where, and other ways to make sure your ceremony is perfect.

Q: As a single parent, my mother was completely selfless and often worked two jobs to provide for my brother and me. I would like to honor her in some special way on my wedding day. Do you have any suggestions? 

A: It sounds like your mom is pretty amazing and certainly deserves special recognition. There are a number of things you can consider. Why not ask her to be a part of your bridal party as the matron of honor? It’s a wonderful way to acknowledge the loving relationship you share. Or she can escort you down the aisle either alone or with whomever else you may ask to do the honors. Include one of her favorite flowers in your bouquet, or pin one of her brooches onto the handle. If she loves to sing or plays a musical instrument, ask her to perform during the ceremony. Your mom can also light a unity candle and read a verse or give a spiritual reading. And you can even write a special acknowledgement to her in the wedding program. At the reception, hand her the mike so she can give a toast, and be sure that you tell everyone how much you appreciate all the love and guidance she gave you through the years. I promise there won’t be a dry eye in the house, and your mom will always cherish these heartfelt memories!

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