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  • 150+ Ways to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

    Bring your personal definition of "happily ever after" to life with these unique wedding ideas.

  • You’re super excited about your big day, even though your to-do list seems miles long. But how do you know if that DJ you’re eyeing will be a good fit? Or if you should hire that perky photographer? 

  • Overwhelmed with the logistics of planning your big day? Join the club! We asked top wedding professionals and real brides around the country to divulge their stress-less secrets.

  • Whatever your reason for speedy nuptials, it's possible to throw a gorgeous shindig and still beat the clock.

  • There are plenty of wedding vendors out there, but not just anyone will do. You need to find the right pro and negotiate for the best price so you can be sure that, when the big day comes, you'll get exactly what you want. These tips will help.

  • From timing to budgeting to breaking in your shoes, here are some tips the experts really want you to know.

  • technology at wedding

    The “unplugged wedding" may be trending, but tech-savvy couples are ready and willing to snap, tweet, and share. Check out these innovative ideas for your plugged-in, high-tech celebration.

  • Before you walk down the aisle, follow these genius tips wedding planners wish someone had told them.

  • Bridal experts share their best tips for putting together a day-of wedding schedule, as well as common mistakes to avoid.

  • Planning a wedding involves heaps of work. You want to make sure everything is perfect, all while keeping a positive state of mind. After all, it’s your big day! So what to do when you’ve had enough and need to put your foot down? We’ve tapped three industry experts to tell you exactly how to handle sticky situations, such as saying no to uninvited guests, unsolicited advice, and more.