Top 10 Wedding Guest Complaints

Here's how to thank guests for their support and ensure that you do everything in your power to make sure they have a fabulous time.

10. Ungracious hosts.

"We only saw the bride when she walked down the aisle!" or "It's been a year and I still haven't received a thank-you card!"

How to deal: Sound familiar? You don't have to hold up the wedding by having a receiving line. I love it when brides go from table to table to thank each person. It doesn't have to take long — even just a quick "hi and bye" makes me feel happy and appreciated.

No matter how tempting it is to scrap the thank-you cards,guests will notice if you don't send one. Split the duties with your partner and break it up into manageable chunks so that it doesn't seem so overwhelming anymore. 

bride kissing grandma
Even just a quick peck can elicit a joyful reaction.
Photo Credit: Joy Marie Photographers