Top 10 Wedding Guest Complaints

Here's how to thank guests for their support and ensure that you do everything in your power to make sure they have a fabulous time.

9. Disorganization to the max.

I once attended a wedding where the cocktail hour became two-and-a-half hours long because the bride and groom wanted more photos in the moonlight. Imagine the look on guests' faces when we finally sat down to our seats and waited another hour and a half before dinner was served.

How to deal: If you're unable to hold the ceremony and reception within two hours of each other, make other accomodations for your guests. Perhaps your reception site has a waiting area, where drinks and light refreshments can be served for early birds. If your reception/ceremony space is sprawled out, consider using sign posts to direct guests to necessary landmarks, like the dance floor and bathroom.

wedding sign
"Just how long are you going to make us wait?"
Photo Credit: Ashfall Mixed Media, Inc.


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