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Each day, we feature a different inspirational wedding image as our Photo of the Day. Here are the photos our Facebook fans have selected as their favorites!

By: Kristen Klein

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  • A Look into the Future

    A Look into the Future

    Why We Love It: How cute is this photo of the flower girl admiring the bride's gown?

    Why You Love It: "Too adorable! It's like she is looking into the future." —Maryann S.
    "Every little girl dreams about her wedding day and the dress." —Suzanne A.
    "So adorable! I love that this photo conveys so many words and emotions." —Sandra M.

  • Under the Sea

    Under the Sea

    Why We Love It: This underwater wedding photo is so dreamy!

    Why You Love It: Very creative, it reminds me of The Little Mermaid!" —Raven M.

  • Flowing Veil

    Flowing Veil

    Why We Love It: The bride's flowing veil makes this photo even more romantic! 

    Why You Love It: "I love this one, It's so simple yet so romantic! Love her dress, too!" —Diana E.
    "It's classic romance. Their pose is endearing; their fashion is simplicity surpass elegance." —Platinum Key Travel Concierges

  • Water Activities

    Water Activities

    Why We Love It: Getting married on a lake? Row across the water on paddleboards! (Just make sure to practice a lot before the big day). 

    Why You Love It: "Brave bride! Not many would chance a dip in the water all done up." —Amber-Lynn R.
    "Natural, unique, original, and the smile she is giving is priceless!" —Anastacia M.
    "Love this one because it's so unique, and she looks so happy" —Lisa D.

    Photo Credit: Kandid Weddings

  • Star Wars

    Star Wars

    Why We Love It: Talk about an epic wedding photo! This Star Wars-inspired photo will transport you to a galaxy far, far away.

    Why You Love It: "This is by far one of the most amazing and original wedding photos I've ever seen! —Brandon T.
    "It captures the uniqueness of the couple while remaining romantic." —Marie B.

    Photo Credit: Vierras Photography

  • A Kiss in the Rain

    A Kiss in the Rain

    Why We Love It: Rain isn't a bad thing on your wedding day — it provides such a magical backdrop for your photos!

    Why You Love It: "Gorgeous photo!" —Leeanne R
    "Love the rain!" —Sheri M.

  • A Loving Gaze

    A Loving Gaze

    Why We Love It: How sweet is this post-ceremony photo? We love the excitement and adoring gazes they're giving each other.

    Why You Love It: "Such a romantic, pure moment of joy!" —Kristin E.

  • Ring of Fire

    Ring of Fire

    Why We Love It: We love how the couple is encircled by sparklers!

    Why You Love It: "This is truly amazing!" —Michelle W.
    "Beautiful and creative photo!" —Penny F.

    Photo Credit: POPography

  • Down the Aisle

    Down the Aisle

    Why We Love It: Breathtaking! We love how the sunlight hits the bride's flowing veil as she makes her way down the aisle.

    Why You Love It: "The wow factor here is off the charts!" —Diana E.

  • On the Edge

    On the Edge

    Why We Love It: We love the ethereal beauty of this wedding photo on the mountain's edge!

    Why You Love It: "It looks like the rare ray of sunshine piercing the clouds shine on this couple's love for one another! It's beautiful!" —Kim R.
    "Oh my! I wish I could have a picture like this at my wedding... (crossing fingers)" —Yoon W.

  • Gorgeous Symbolism

    Gorgeous Symbolism

    Why We Love It: We love the symbolism in this photo — marriage is just the beginning of the road of your lives together.

    Why You Love It: "The point of view is amazing; the road leads up to the couple, as if the road has brought them to this point in life... very cool. And then if they turn around, they will be traveling the road together; so romantic. The looming storm gives such an amazing contrast to the yellow stripes on the road and green grass. It hit me that a couple faces many storms in life, but they can survive any storm that comes their way as long as they do it together. Very cool photo." —Cindy W.

    Photo Credit: Carey Nash Photography

  • Spectacular Night Photo

    Spectacular Night Photo

    Why We Love It: From the illuminated tree to the reflection on the water, this night photo is spectacular!  

    Why You Love It: "This is an absolutely stunning photo! Completely breathtaking." —Kimberly D.
    "So cool, like something out of a movie!" —Jennifer R.
    "It looks like a fairy tale picture!" —Toran M.
    "It's perfect. The reflection captures the couples love for one another. It's like natures mirror. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most happiest couple of all?" —Jeff R.

    Photo Credit: The Veil Wedding Photography

  • Romantic Crown

    Romantic Crown

    Why We Love It:This bride's oversized floral crown gives off such a romantic vibe.

    Why You Love It:"This image is like a dream!" —Kristy R.
    "I love the soft look, the delicacy of the flowers." —Aimee L.
    "The colors, the light, the way he is looking at her... it's dreamy." —Tiffany F.

    Photo Credit: Pasha Belman Photography

  • Fairy Tale

    Fairy Tale

    Why We Love It: Twinkling lights dripping from the tree add a fairy tale feel to this gorgeous wedding photo.

    Why You Love It: "The romantic lighting is what sets this one apart." —Nicole H.
    "I can't imagine anything more romantic. Dream wedding!" —Kayla B.
    "Stunning, beautiful, and breathtaking." —Sheng L.

    Photo Credit: Shewanders

  • Fantasy Wedding

    Fantasy Wedding

    Why We Love It: This incredible wedding photo is straight out of a fairy tale.

    Why You Love It: "It's one of the most romantic pictures I've ever seen." —Natasha H.
    "It looks like a fantasy; very beautiful." Rebecca T.

    Photo Credit: We-Sweet Photography

  • Walking into the Sunset

    Walking into the Sunset

    Why We Love It: We love the symbolism in this gorgeous photo, walking into the sunset to start their new lives together.

    Why You Love It: "Life's journey has just started. Beautiful." —Tammie S.
    "They have a long road ahead of eternal love; very pretty." —Rebecca T.

    Photo Credit: Russell Ord Photography

  • Magical Rain

    Magical Rain

    Why We Love It: Take advantage of the weather and light up the night with a magical wedding photo!

    Why You Love It: "The rain adds so much more than any photo editing could." —Christina Y.
    "Beautiful! A great way to use the weather to your advantage." —Rebecca T.

    Photo Credit: Tall + Small Photography

  • Winter Wedding

    Winter Wedding

    Why We Love It: This bride's red gown is a wonderful contrast to her winter wonderland wedding!

    Why You Love It: "A unique shot for sure; love that she's wearing red and what a contrast it is with the trees and snow in the background." —Tiffany M.
    "Absolutely love the contrast. This should be the winning photo." —Rebecca T.

    Photo Credit: Wendy Newman Photography, member of Professional Photographers of America


  • Windswept


    Why We Love It: So romantic! We love this gorgeous windswept photo.

    Photo Credit: Rob Grimes Photography

  • Adorable Flower Girl

    Adorable Flower Girl

    Why We Love It: This flower girl's reaction to the couple's first kiss is just too cute!

    Photo Credit: Tyler Vance Photography

  • Groom

    Groom's Reaction

    Why We Love It: This groom's emotional reaction while watching his bride walk down the aisle makes us melt. 

    Why You Love It: "Now this is why I call a 'true' first look — love this!" Kay M. 
    "This is simply beautiful!" Leah S.

    Photo Credit: Photography by Emma Pointon

  • Stunning Portrait

    Stunning Portrait

    Why We Love It: We love the ethereal beauty of this stunning bridal portrait!

    Why You Love It: "I love the light behind the bride! It looks stunning." —Sammie D.

    Photo Credit: Michael Anthony Photography

  • Under an Umbrella

    Under an Umbrella

    Why We Love It: Don't let a little rain put a damper on your wedding day! We love this gorgeous photo.

    Why You Love It: "I like this one; romantic with great lighting." —Betty J.
    "Very beautiful!" —Tanya G.
     "The light is amazing here." —Kinga P.

    Photo Credit: Sarah Tew Photography

  • Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

    Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

    Why We Love It: We love this cute photo with the flower girl and ring bearer!

    Why You Love It: "Such a sweet moment!" —Sarah P.

    Photo Credit: Carmen Roberts Photography

  • Magical Sparklers

    Magical Sparklers

    Why We Love It: We love this magical photo created with sparklers!

    Why You Love It:"It's like a fairy tale!" —Diana E.

    Photo Credit: Nathan Desch Photography

  • Perfect Sign

    Perfect Sign

    Why We Love It: This sign sums it up perfectly!

    Why You Love It: "I've never seen this at a wedding, and it's so cute." —Julia S.
    "Lovely!" —Carmen A.

    Photo Credit: Laura Murray Photography

  • Silhouettes at Sundown

    Silhouettes at Sundown

    Why We Love It: Simply stunning silhouettes at sundown! We love this romantic photo.

    Why You Love It: "Very Gone With the Wind-inspired!" —Canadianspecialevents.com 
    "I love silhouettes! This one is beautiful; I wish I had taken one of these." —Designs by Dorothy

    Photo Credit: Pepper Nix

  • Love Quotes

    Love Quotes

    Why We Love It: Display love quotes from your favorite movies on your reception tables!

    Why You Love It: "What a great idea, going to be doing this definitely!" —Jaygirl82

    Photo Credit: Michael Kaal Photography

  • Sunset Beach

    Sunset Beach

    Why We Love It: The beach at sunset makes a beautiful backdrop for engagement photos! 

    Why You Love It: "It's so laid back, and you can obviously see the love in the picture." Kristin A. 
    "Stunning shot!" Diana E. 
    This is so precious; it looks very natural, and you can definitely see their love for each other. Plus, it's a gorgeous setting!" — Jenna K. 

    Photo Credit: Marianne Wilson Photography

  • On a Farm

    On a Farm

    Why We Love It: The bride and groom are positively glowing in this farm wedding photo!

    Why You Love It: "A sweet moment alone on a country road. A memory to cherish with the one you love." —Angelia R. 
    "Love the outside country setting!" —Alisha M.

    "A joyful kiss in this beautiful country setting. This is totally real love and everything is all natural!" —Debbie M. 

    Photo Credit: Amanda Wilson Photography via Armstrong Farms

  • Bride & Mom

    Bride & Mom

    Why We Love It: We love this sweet pre-wedding photo of the bride and her mom!

    Why You Love It: "It defines that special moment between a mother and her baby girl... this picture is worth a million words." —Rebecca T.
    "Beautiful and touching! Let me grab a hankie!" —Diana E.
    "Mom, we need a photo like this when I get married!" -Katie F.

    Photo Credit: Michael Anthony Photography

  • Upside-Down Kiss

    Upside-Down Kiss

    Why We Love It: Use the strengths of your venue to capture an ultra-romantic photo!

    Why You Love It: "I love the playfulness of this photo." —Amy M.
    "So romantic. It is such a beautiful fun moment." Kimberly F. 
    "This is gorgeous! We should do it if we can!" Stephanie D. 

    Photo Credit: Redmoose Photography

  • Twinkling Stars

    Twinkling Stars

    Why We Love It: The twinkling stars of the night sky make a stunning backdrop for photos.

    Why You Love It: "Breathtaking" —Kristen M.
    "It embodies the romanticism of the moment. I love it!!" —Marina G.
    "My favorite because it looks like a fairytale wedding. It looks perfect." —Amanda B.
    "Stunning; this is what getting married is all about. Couples need to take time out of the day to let it all soak in." —Nicole B.

    Photo Credit: Elmer Escobar Photography

  • Man

    Man's Best Friend

    Why We Love It: From man’s best friend to best man, we love this adorable dog’s tuxedo!

    Why You Love It: "I'm so sharing this! My couples will love it!" —Barraud Caterers Limited
    "That dog's face!!" —Kristi Y. 
    "It's as if the dog is saying, 'please don't do this to me...' Great shot!" —Nargis D. 

    Photo Credit: Jenna Newman Photography

  • Enthusiastic Flower Girl

    Enthusiastic Flower Girl

    Why We Love It: We love the enthusiasm of this adorable flower girl!

    Why You Love It: "So cute, and I love all the colors!" —Diana E. 
    "I love the rainbow colors too, but the flower girl rocks the picture" —Pat B.
    "Those dresses are so pretty! Perfect for a summer wedding!" —Meg S. 

    Photo Credit: Smith Squared Photography

  • Precious Flower Girl

    Precious Flower Girl

    Why We Love It: We love this precious photo of a groom and his little girl. 

    Why You Love It: "Such a nice way to show the love between a father and a daughter." —Carina C. 
    "This is so awesome!" — Deborah T. 
    "Such a heartwarming picture!" 
    — Diana E. 

    Photo Credit: Robb Davidson Photography



  • Glitz & Glamour

    Glitz & Glamour

    Why We Love It: Suspended lights add glitz and glamour to this outdoor reception space!

    Why You Love It: "Reminds me of the Oscars!" —Diana E. 
    "Wow!" —Jen G. 
    "Beautiful!" —Helen M.

    Photo Credit: Docuvitae

  • Beautiful Flowers

    Beautiful Flowers

    Why We Love It: The beautiful flowers and lighting make this one of the most romantic photos we’ve seen yet!

    Why You Love It: "This is definitely our favorite! You can feel the love, and the flowers and lighting are gorgeous!" —Paper Works and Events
    "Really romantic!"  — Diana E. 

    Photo Credit: Joan Allen Photo 

  • Bride

    Bride's Flowing Veil

    Why We Love It: We love the bride’s flowing veil in this romantic beach photo!

    Why You Love It: "Simple, yet stunning!" —Tammie W.
    "It's like a dream." —Lia O.
    "Love, tranquility, and pure bliss." —Wuendith E.

    Photo Credit: Dear Wesleyann

  • Father & Daughter

    Father & Daughter

    Why We Love It: A breathtaking photo of the moment this father gave his daughter away.

    Why You Love It: "So touching... I wish my dad was still with us to give me away!" — Carrie C.
    "This is so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes! Every bride knows what a special moment it is, when her dad hands her to the man he is accepting, trusting and relying on to look after his little girl for the rest of their lives." — Dawn G. 
    "It is a special moment when the father gives his daughter to the man who will be stepping in to take care of her and protect her." — Tamara C. 

    Photo Credit: Carina Skrobecki

  • Family Tree

    Family Tree

    Why We Love It: We love this sweet way to display family wedding photos at an outdoor wedding!

    Why You Love It: A wonderful way to also honor our loved ones who are no longer with us." —Kathy C.
    "This may have to happen :)" —Amanda J.  
    "Such a neat idea!" —Stephanie W.

  • Romantic Ambience

    Romantic Ambience

    Why We Love It: Paper lanterns and glowing candles create such a romantic ambience at this wedding!

    Why You Love It: "Intimate and romantic!" —Diana E.
    "Romantic lighting. I love it!" —Denise H.
    "Magical!" —Tamara C.

    Photo Credit: Santana Photography

  • Sunglass Reflection

    Sunglass Reflection

    Why We Love It: This photo is such a cool idea for a beach wedding!

    Why You Love It: "This is a neat way to capture a moment! Cool!" —Shannon D.
    "Priceless capture of a loving moment." —Trish W.
    "It's so unique; what a great picture." —Sandra D.

    Photo Credit: Yazmin Photography

  • Romantic Expressions

    Romantic Expressions

    Why We Love It: So sweet! We love the couples’ expressions in this romantic photo.

    Why You Love It: "This is a must-have wedding photo!" —David's Bridal
    "This right here is the reason to have a wedding, nothing else. No decorations, signs, or flowers are the reason to celebrate. This photo is lovely." —Kathryn L.

    Photo Credit: Kathy Thomas Photography

  • Stunning Portrait

    Stunning Portrait

    Why We Love It: We love this stunning solo shot of the bride!

    Why You Love It: "I love the lighting and lines of this photo!" —Amy M.
    "I love the dress, hair, and background." —Thembie M. 

    Photo Credit: Anna Kirby Photography

  • Groom & Groomsmen

    Groom & Groomsmen

    Why We Love It: We love this relaxed pre-wedding photo of the groom with his groomsmen!

    Why You Love It: "It's almost like a stolen look at the groom and groomsmen before the wedding." —Devera P.
    "I feel like weddings always emphasize the bride's part the bridesmaids but not too much the groom and his groomsmen, and this is a perfect way to show a bond between the guys before the groom's big day!" —Karen R.
    "Love this shot of the boys relaxing before the fun and celebrations begin!" —Cerys L.
    "Classic, timeless, and generational." —Michelle L.

    Photo Credit: Hilary Cam Photography

  • Wedding Morning Excitement

    Wedding Morning Excitement

    Why We Love It: This gorgeous photo perfectly captures the excitement of a bride about to begin her wedding day!

    Why You Love It: "Oh wow. It almost makes her look like she has supernatural powers." —Cmyevents

    Photo Credit: Stelmakh Studio

  • Trash the Dress

    Trash the Dress

    Why We Love It: Who knew a “trash the dress” photo could be so romantic?

    Why You Love It: "So perfectly beautiful!" —Kaylynn P.
    "It's so deeply passionate." —Diana E.
    "Totally want this shot!" —Priscilla G.

    Photo Credit: Chelsea Nicole

  • The Walkway

    The Walkway

    Why We Love It: Wow your guests by dressing up the walkway to the ceremony!

    Why You Love It: "It makes for a great experience for guests." —Jessica T.
    "Enchanting!" —Diana E.
    "Romantic." —Kristi Y.
    "Beautiful!" —Katie W.

    Photo Credit: Andrea Polito Photography

  • Timeless Photo

    Timeless Photo

    Why We Love It: Simply beautiful! We love this timeless photo with the bridal party.

    Why You Love It: "I love the elegance of the photo, and the support and love of family and friends is clearly shown. Simply Beautiful!" —Lisa M.
    " I love this photo — how precious, a bride's girls helping her make the most important walk of her lifetime." —Jennifer J.
    "Very classy and beautiful" —Samantha B.

    Photo Credit: Scarlett & Stephen

  • Bride & Son

    Bride & Son

    Why We Love It: We love this tender moment between the bride and her son before walking down the aisle!

    Why You Love It: "Clear winner. Such a sweet moment between a momma and her baby." —Julie A.
    "Love it! It makes me think of my own wedding day with my sons there and how special it'll be that they're part of the day." —Alice B.
    "Beautiful photo. I love the black and white. It's truly a photo to be treasured forever." —Constance B.
    "Love the way the light is falling on her dress and the tenderness of the moment here." —Jen W.
    "Beautiful photo; it brought a tear to my eye." —Hannah M.

    Photo Credit: Kevin Paul Photography

  • Cute Props

    Cute Props

    Why We Love It: Cute props make your wedding photos so much more fun!

    Why You Love It: "Unique!" —Jennifer H.
    "Cute!" —Donna B.

    Photo Credit: Greer G. Photography

  • Natural Romance

    Natural Romance

    Why We Love It: We love the natural romance in this gorgeous picture!

    Why You Love It: "Love is in the air!" —Sheilla V.
    "This one is so cute." —Jackie A.

    Photo Credit: Ashlee Raubach Photography

  • Regal Cake

    Regal Cake

    Why We Love It: We love the regal accents on this ombré cake!

    Why You Love It: "The amount of work in the decorations must have taken hours!" —Marie J.
    "This cake is out of this world; it's my favorite color, too." —Tina B.

    Photo Credit: Cristina Rossi Photography / Cake by Elizabeth's Cake Emporium

  • Parents

    Parents' Reactions

    Why We Love It: Capture your parents’ reactions when seeing you for the first time as a bride!

    Why You Love It: "This is my favorite one of all. It is beautiful, tender, and depicts all the emotions of that day." —Wuendith E.
    "What an awesome thing to look forward to! I'm getting married in October, and I know my parents will react the same way." —Nadia K.
    "This is so touching! They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and I'd say this one falls into that category." —Stephanie B.
    "This photo is so full of emotion and totally captures that beautiful moment between a daddy and his girl." —Belinda M.
    "My dad passed away three weeks ago, and I'd give anything for the moment in this picture." —Jade T.

    Photo Credit: Jeff Kolodny Photography

  • Love Sparklers

    Love Sparklers

    Why We Love It: We love how the bride’s sparkler looks like a magic wand in this fun photo!

    Why You Love It: "Never seen that before!" —Jacqueline R.
    "Perfect, love this photo. It has the wow factor!" —Danielle L.
    "The setting so romantic!" —Laura E.
    "Sparkling of love!" —Joy B.

    Photo Credit: Studio Tran

  • Simple Beauty

    Simple Beauty

    Why We Love It: We love the simple beauty of this romantic wedding photo!

    Why You Love It: "Eternal love is what I think of when seeing this." —Ebony D.
    "The most simple but stunningly beautiful photo I've seen." —Lexi R.
    "Love the creativity of this photo!!" —Rachel G.
    "A special moment in life." —Sheree W.

    Photo Credit: Studio 1208 on Bridal Musings via Lover.ly

  • Creative Save-the-Date

    Creative Save-the-Date

    Why We Love It: We love this creative idea for your engagement announcement or save-the-date card!

    Why You Love It: "I love this one. It's cute, stands out, and shows that they have so much personality. It already makes me wonder what creative pictures they will have for their wedding." —Meagan W.
    "Unique and simple!" —Kandi S.
    "Cute and original!" —Tamara V.
    "What a unique idea! Love this!" —Josephine B.

    Photo Credit: Jenny Liu Photography

  • Luxe Décor

    Luxe Décor

    Why We Love It: We love this luxe combo of chandeliers, hanging orchids, and long tables!

    Why You Love It: "This is amazing; it looks like the Secret Garden." —Belle J.
    "Love the mix of outdoors with crystal and class." —May H.
    "It looks like a fairy tale." —Sara W.
    "It's so whimsical, yet very classy. Gorgeous." —Sasha M.
    "There's an overwhelming sense of out-of-this-world atmosphere, where love supersedes everything." —Emelda K.
    "This is stunning. So romantic and whimsical. I would love to have my outdoor wedding resemble this." —Ashley O. 

    Photo Credit: Aaron Delesie

  • Double Exposure

    Double Exposure

    Why We Love It: We love the ethereal beauty of this double exposure wedding photo!

    Why You Love It: "Lovely! It's like two pictures in one!" —Amanda E.
    "Beautiful photography! I have never seen this idea!" —Sarah E.
    "You can see the love they have for each other." —Amanda H.
    "This picture is absolutely breathtaking." —Dena B.
    "Image of a beautiful memory!" —Clara B.

    Photo Credit: Feather and Stone Photography

  • Groom

    Groom's Gift

    Why We Love It: Give this cute gift to your groom on the morning of your wedding!

    Why You Love It:  Such a clever way to deliver the gift!" —Melissa P.
    "I got my husband a watch. The note said, 'You have no excuse to be late today... or for the rest of your life!!!!'" —Carly D.
    "That's an awesome idea, especially since my fiancé loves watches!" —Josephine B.

    Photo Credit: Leoni Bolt Photography

  • Reflections


    Why We Love It: A unique twist on a classic picture! We love this innovative idea.

    Why You Love It: "Love this because it looks natural. The reflection is amazing." —Jenn K.
    "A reflection of love." —Trish W.
    "Love it! I'm thinking of a picture like this for my wedding this October." —Mi'chelle L.
    "This photo looks like it's straight out of a fairytale! Reminds me of The Princess Bride." —Linen Tablecloth

    Photo Credit: BTW Photography

  • On the Run

    On the Run

    Why We Love It: Have some fun with your wedding photos! We love this silly idea.

    Why You Love It: "Love this because so much thought went into it, instead of a normal romance pose!" —Corynne S.
    "This is a such a beautiful, artistically-designed shot! Love it." —Linen Tablecloth
    "The concept is great, but their facial expressions are brilliant." —Ingrid A.
    "This is the best! So unique! I wish I did something this creative during my wedding." —Alia N.
    "I like this the background, the concept, the motif, the art, and it's funny! It seems that they are in hurry." —Roselyn A.
    "This one. Who else has a picture like this? Probably nobody." —Maddy M.
    "This is pretty quirky, and I like the fact that it looks like they are whisking themselves away, maybe from the reception to start their new lives together." —Trina H.

    Photo Credit: Don't Say Cheese Photography

  • Serene Moment

    Serene Moment

    Why We Love It: The sunlight adds such a lovely, serene feel to this sweet photo.

    Why You Love It: "Lovely!" —Ishi M.
    "Beautiful." —Sandra O.

    Photo Credit: Don't Say Cheese Photography

  • The Walk Down the Aisle

    The Walk Down the Aisle

    Why We Love It: We love this unique twist: The bride entered the ceremony by herself, then met her parents halfway down the aisle!

    Why You Love It:  "The perfect picture... I can feel the emotion." —Mylu A.
    "Nothing is more amazing than the moment everyone stops and looks at the bride!" —Jessica T.
    "This is how I want my wedding day." —Samantha M.
    "Amazing photo. Good call on the black and white." —Manda M.
    "Beautiful picture here, it has a heavenly, peaceful look about it. Best picture I've seen in a while, and I look at a lot of them. Nice!" —Gina K.
    "Love the décor, the bride's train, the unique idea of meeting both parents in the middle of the aisle, and love the black and white effect on this pic!" —Veronica V.
    "That's the moment a bride waits for — the moment where she leaves her past behind and walks to her future. Amazing photo!" —Kimberlee C.

    Photo Credit: Stephen Green Photography

  • Groom

    Groom's Excitement

    Why We Love It: Post-ceremony bliss! We love this groom’s excitement to show off his new ring.

    Why You Love It: "This is my favorite because I can feel the groom's emotion!" —Jackie D.
    "Because it's nice to see that the groom is as excited as the bride!" —Kacy B.
    "This is a sweet picture and probably my all time favorite wedding picture! Most grooms aren't so enthusiastic about their new rings." —Kilee Q.
    "I love that the groom is so full of happiness and proud that he has his wife by his side forever more." —Lilly H.
    "This is so cute! Normally the bride is showing off bling — I can totally see my groom doing this!" —Lauren T.

    Photo Credit: Amelia Lyon Photography

  • Fun Group Photo

    Fun Group Photo

    Why We Love It: Gather all of your relatives for this adorable photo idea!

    Why You Love It: "This picture says it all. Celebrating love with friends and families!" —Robbi R.
    "Love including the family!" —Jody O.
    "Very romantic." —Melinda S.

    Photo Credit: Kimbry Studios

  • Carried Away

    Carried Away

    Why We Love It: A sweet kiss on the forehead while wrapped up in his arms — does it get any more romantic?

    Why You Love It: "Prince Charming carrying his princess off to live happily ever after." —Mindy W.

  • Snowy Day

    Snowy Day

    Why We Love It: We love this genius way to capture a spectacular photo in the snow — without freezing!

    Why You Love It: "Wow. That is breathtaking!" —Ana V.
    "This is what I would like my wedding to be like." —Kassandra P.
    "Very original!" —Rebeca A.
    "I would do this if I had a winter wedding. Beautiful picture, and the couple isn't freezing." —Tamara C.

    Photo Credit: Sorensen Foto

  • Best Friends Forever

    Best Friends Forever

    Why We Love It: Adorable must-have photo with your maid of honor and best man!

    Why You Love It: "This one is my favorite because it's best friends and loves. It makes a wedding complete." —Heather C.
    "The heart and soul of a wedding! All the beautiful decorations in the would cannot compare it the real beauty of this picture." —Cindy C.
    "Love this picture because it shows no matter what happens in peoples' lives, they will still have that bond with friends." —Tamara C.
    "It shows you don't have to end your social life when you get married. Your friends are just as important in your life as your new husband! Gorgeous!" —Kimberlee C.
    "I love this because it says so much. And anyone can do it, no matter what your budget is or where your reception is held." —GayLynn R.
    "I love the true bond and relationships that are shown here — and all without even showing their faces. Love it!" —Rose F.
    "To me, this show the true meaning of love and friendship — together for all you important events." —Jamie H.

    Photo Credit: Photography by Britton

  • A Dip in the Snow

    A Dip in the Snow

    Why We Love It: Take advantage of the weather on your wedding day — whatever it may be!

    Why You Love It: "It captures the magic in finding your 'one.'" —Dana S.
    "I love the magical quality of this photo! They're in their own snow globe!" —Marcia B.
    "A warm romantic kiss in cold weather... it can't get more romantic than this." —Evelyn M.
    "Ridiculously stunning. I absolutely love this photo!" —Rebecca H.
    "It is magical, like a fairy tale!" —Tina O.
    "Because she must be bloody freezing!" —Amy P.

    Photo Credit: Still Frames Photography

  • Unique Angle

    Unique Angle

    Why We Love It: We love the unique angle of this playful photo!

    Why You Love It: "This is beautiful! It reminds me of Cinderella. It's their own love story." —Colleen B.
    "Beautiful natural framing! Eye-catching." —Bonnie T.
    "A classic wedding photo!" —Cassandra L.
    "What a beautiful moment, perfectly captured!" —Steffani at Garden Chateau

    Photo Credit: Steve Canning Photography

  • Gorgeous Lighting

    Gorgeous Lighting

    Why We Love It: We love the lighting in this incredible rainy wedding photo!

    Why You Love It: "Happily ever after, just like a fairy tale." —Janette G.
    "Absolutely beautiful. The rain and the lighting make it look magical!" —Rachel E.
    "This looks like enchanted love! Beautiful." —Mich D.
    "This has such a fairytale, magical feel. Love it!" —GayLynn R.
    "It seems like the couple is still there after everyone is gone, lingering in their bliss." —Shauntai A.
    "Photo of the month!" —Rut L.

    Photo Credit: Hoffer Photography

  • Fire Show

    Fire Show

    Why We Love It: We love this serene, romantic moment juxtaposed with a dramatic fire show in the background!

    Why You Love It: "This is an extremely extraordinary wonderful photograph. It's full of joy, and the back indicates new life and new beginnings." —Jyotz M.
    "I like this one the best. It shows a big bang to a beautiful beginning." —Trisha C.

    Photo Credit: Ricky Restiano Photography

  • Through the Trees

    Through the Trees

    Why We Love It: Sunlight peeking through the trees adds such a magical element!

    Why You Love It: "Quiet, spiritual and romantic." —Denise S.
    "The way the sunlight is coming through is so ethereal and magical. Incredible!" —Alyssa B.
    "That is a very magical, breathtaking photo — one I would dream about. I love this!" —Fallon J.
    "Magical and enchanting. I'd love something like this for my wedding day. It would look amazing on a canvas with all the amazing colors." —Emma M.
    "The most beautiful photo! The light seems like a blessing from Heaven!" —Madeline C.
    "It's so beautiful — the sun rays and the way he kisses her on the forehead. So special." —Margaretha R.
    "The shape of the tree with the sun beams seeping through is breathtaking, and the small couple next to the tree shows how grand it is." —Tammy M.

    Photo Credit: Lightedpixels

  • Spectacular Silhouette

    Spectacular Silhouette

    Why We Love It: We love the bride's flowing veil in this spectacular silhouette shot!

    Why You Love It: "That couple is so in love!" —Stephanie S.
    "So pretty!" —Shantei H.
    "Amazing photo" —Fabuluxe Events

    Photo Credit: Arising Images

  • Heart


    Why We Love It: We heart this cute photo idea!

    Why You Love It: "He made a heart with his hands, cute!" —Romina H.
    "So sweet" —Rochel L.

    Photo Credit: Ashfall Mixed Media, Inc.

  • Autumn Dream

    Autumn Dream

    Why We Love It: Simply beautiful! We love the romance in this autumn wedding photo.

    Why You Love It: "It has a magical, romantic feel to it, with the colors of autumn and two people lost in their own happy world!" —Megan L.
    "Love is in the air! No other words!" —VictoriaEurene F.
    "It just looks beautiful and like something from a fairy tale or movie scene!" —Megina M.
    "The romance, the love, the movement: stunning!" —Kristan S.
    "Love this! Magic, whimsy, romance it's all here. Beautiful photo!" —Galley Bay Resort and Spa

    Photo Credit: Sanya Khomenko

  • Bold & Beautiful Bouquet

    Bold & Beautiful Bouquet

    Why We Love It: We love this bride’s bold and beautiful bouquet!

    Why You Love It: "Love this for the simplicity of the photo and the fabulous trailing blue floral bouquet!" —The Gilded Gown
    "Flowers are beautiful! Love!" —Kimberly S.
    "Love these colors a lot." —Kristy W.

    Photo Credit: Shutter Sweet Photography

  • Under the Gown

    Under the Gown

    Why We Love It: Add a fun touch to your gown with a brightly-colored lining!

    Why You Love It: "So different and fun to see on the dance floor!" —Daelyn M.
    "Great idea! So many possibilities to express yourself." —GayLynn R.
    "I love this idea! The pop of color is wonderful!" —Courtney S.
    "The pop of color under the dress is so refreshing and unique! Love it!" FormDecor Modern Furniture Rental

    Photo Credit: Melissa McCrotty Photography

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast

    Why We Love It: We love this Beauty and the Beast-inspired centerpiece!

    Why You Love It: "This picture inspires love and sweetness." —Vainilla Blossom
    "A timeless classic — just beautiful." —Rebecca H.
    "Love the whole fairy tale story behind this. Reminds me of my favorite Disney movie!" —Kelli R.
    "Simplicity and elegance combined." —Elisabeth S.
    "It brings out the princess with each centerpiece and adds beauty to the whole room." —Betty L.
    "My daughter wants this — she is a princess!" —Cherry-Blossom Fancies

    Photo Credit: Disney Fine Art Photography & Video

  • Lyrics on the Cake

    Lyrics on the Cake

    Why We Love It: Incorporate the lyrics of your first dance song on your cake!

    Why You Love It: "Beautiful!! I love that song." —Sam F.
    "Such a great concept for a cake." —Danielle S.
    "Good song, lovely cake!" —Krystal L.
    "Love! I almost did this!" —Ashley A.
    "Love this idea for personalizing the cake! Vows would work, too!" —King's Event Planning

    Photo Credit: Millimeter Photography/Courtesy of Tantawan Bloom

  • Flower Girls

    Flower Girls

    Why We Love It: These flower girls' reactions to the bride getting ready are just too cute!

    Why You Love It: "What a precious memory for them and the bride!" —Emma R.
    "So sweet! It will be a cute one to give them to their wedding days." —Allison A.

    Photo Credit: Misty Miotto Photography

  • Creative Heart

    Creative Heart

    Why We Love It: Such a creative idea! We love this sweet, romantic photo.

    Why You Love It: "This picture speaks of the love they are going to share together!" —Tiwana C.
    "I love the heart made out of her dress! Beautiful idea!"  —Fallon J.

    Photo Credit: Volkan Kovancisoy Photography (Follow on Facebook/Tumblr/500px)

  • Fun Props

    Fun Props

    Why We Love It: A heart-shaped umbrella is the perfect prop for your wedding photos!

    Why You Love It: "This is such a great shot, filled with an honest warmth." —Storm B.
    "Very artistic, yet simple. Love it!" —Lavinia A.
    "So romantic!!" —Lori G.
    "This is a beautiful picture!" —Nereyda M.
    "I want that umbrella!" —Josephine M.

    Photo Credit: Christine Choi Photography

  • Magical Backdrop

    Magical Backdrop

    Why We Love It: Create a magical ceremony backdrop with mason jars!

    Why You Love It: Seems magical!" —Nancy C.

    Photo Credit: The Schultzes

  • Under a Rainbow

    Under a Rainbow

    Why We Love It: One benefit of a little rain on your wedding day — a gorgeous rainbow in the background of your photos!

    Why You Love It: "The rainbow background is like a silent promise that their union will be eternal and full of love." —Carol S.
    "The colors are stunning. It's that feeling of knowing a storm is coming and you can run inside and get cozy." —Evelyn K.
    "Perfect picture; so peaceful and romantic." —Roxana G.
    "Beautiful picture with the rainbow and mountains in the middle of nowhere. Perfect day!" —Rebecca B.
    "It's like rain on your wedding day... leading to a non-ironic rainbow!" —Side by Side - You Decide

    Photo courtesy of Dunton Hot Springs

  • Bring the Outdoors In

    Bring the Outdoors In

    Why We Love It: Get the look and feel of a garden wedding indoors with a beautiful grass-covered backdrop!

    Why You Love It: "Very Beautiful!!!!" Patricia A. 
    "So elegant and classy." Brittany S.

    Photo Credit: Wildflower Linens

  • Romantic Lift

    Romantic Lift

    Why We Love It: A romantic lift and an adoring gaze — does it get any better than this?

    Why You Love It: "It doesn't get better than this! They found each other." —Tacu I.
    "My favorite because it says, 'At least, you are mine to cherish.'" —Lisa B.
    "Perfect depiction of what the day is really all about." —Melissa M.
    "My favorite because it is muy romantico!" —Bonnie S.
    "Perfect lighting to capture that perfect moment!" —Karen R.

    Photo Credit: Browne Photography

  • Swept Away

    Swept Away

    Why We Love It: Pure romance! We love the lighting in this stunning photo.

    Why You Love It:  "So much beauty in this photo!" —Tala Events
    "This photo is beautiful; the movement, the love, the background, all of it is stunning!" —Kristan S.
    "Simply gorgeous!! —Meg S.

    Photo Credit: Janis Ratnieks

  • Dress on Display

    Dress on Display

    Why We Love It: An incredible shot of an incredible dress!

    Why You Love It: "The word is 'WOW!' This is awesome!" —Rachel B.
    "The black and white makes this photo timeless. Just beautiful." —Jaclyn S.
    "The dress is laid out perfectly with a great pose — beautiful!" —Tami W.
    "So elegant!" —Emily M.

    Photo Credit: Rawsii Photography

  • A Forbidden Peek

    A Forbidden Peek

    Why We Love It: The groom takes a forbidden peek at the bride — with a little help from his friends!

    Why You Love It: "Absolutely love the fun that comes from this picture and the love you can clearly see." —Genesis A.
    "This picture is entirely too cute!" —Crystal Visions Bridal

    Photo Credit: Zoe Rain for JKoe Photography

  • In the Rain

    In the Rain

    Why We Love It: This wedding photo in the rain is simply stunning!

    Why You Love It: "Magical! The bride looks so beautiful. Congratulations!" —Veronica O.
    "This one is my favorite because most people wouldn't take one in the rain, and it is just so pretty and unique!" —Lynne C.
    "What a beautiful picture. Love this! Magical, romantic and fun!" —Wendy R.
    "This is amazing! I love this because it is very out-of-the-box and just awesome!" —Jules M.
    "Absolutely a beautiful shot." —>Erica B.

    Photo Credit: Unplugged Photography

  • Fantastic Farewell

    Fantastic Farewell

    Why We Love It: A dramatic farewell! We love this couple’s romantic sparkler send-off.

    Why You Love It: "It's a reminder of the fireworks they felt when the first met." —Diana G.
    "Love the energy, the elegance, the romance, the glitter." —Without a Hitch
    "Glamour and elegance, like something off the big screen in the '40s." —Michelle M.
    "Very dramatic, classic, and reminds me of a fairy tale." —Veronica R.
    "They really light up the night! Looks magical!" —Heather T.
    "The perfect dip, beautiful and classic!" —Amy F.
    "It is fun and exciting, regal and elegant. It's full of life and beautiful!" —Cynthia S.
    "Very glamorous and Old Hollywood, which I absolutely love." —Evy K.
    "One of the best pictures ever!" —Colleen B.
    "I love this pic, too! It was so magical shooting this with my wonderful bride." —Paul S.

    Photo Credit: BellaLu Photography


  • T-Rex Chase

    T-Rex Chase

    Why We Love It: This hilarious wedding photo is a moment the couple will never forget!

    Why You Love It: "Wedding crasher of the year!" —Aurora J.
    "I laugh every time I see this." —Daisy Days
    "I love the guy on the far right!! Hilarious!!" —Jenny Y.
    "If I hadn't been there that day, nobody would have gotten away." —Buster A.
    "This photo just cracks us up! What a great way to have some fun while taking all those bridal party photos." —Bridebook

    Photo Credit: Quinn Miller Photo + Design

  • Wedding Toast

    Wedding Toast

    Why We Love It: This is the kind of reaction every maid of honor and best man dreams of receiving during the toast! See more from this wedding ►

    Why You Love It: "Just look how happy the bride and groom are... what a great shot of them enjoying their party!" —Elizabeth G.
    "It looks like they're having the best day of their lives." Bonita F.

    Photo Credit: De Nueva Photography

  • Under the Veil

    Under the Veil

    Why We Love It: This photo is so romantic!

    Why You Love It: "This is perfect!" Michelle L.
    "True love!" Nirmala S.

    Photo Credit: Serendipity Image

  • Adorable Ring Bearer

    Adorable Ring Bearer

    Why We Love It: This might be the cutest ring photo we've ever seen.

    Why You Love It: "Because our four-legged friends are important parts of the family, too!!" —Jenny Y.
    "Because I can't wait for our special day, surrounded by our furry children." 
    —Anggela A.
    "This is the cutest ring bearer and shot I've ever seen!" 
    —We Do Weddings

    Photo Credit: Jeff Cooke Photography

  • Beach Portrait

    Beach Portrait

    Why We Love It: This portrait is so simple, yet so beautiful!

    Why You Love It: "So much affection in this photo! Wow!" —Your Wedding Planner
    "The emotion is breathtaking!!" 
    —Michelle L.
    "Love is in the air, I can feel it." —Tolulope A.

    Photo Credit: Life’s Highlights

  • Bride & Flower Girl

    Bride & Flower Girl

    Why We Love It: This photo with the flower girl is absolutely precious. Fun idea: Frame it and give it to your flower girl on her own wedding day!

    Why You Love It: "Sweet moment! I want a picture like this with my daughters!" —Lacy G.
    "Love it — just precious!" —Shantei H.
    "So beautiful! Love this!" —Long Island Wedding & Event Planners Boutique

    Photo Credit: Bobby Earle


  • After "I Do"

    After "I Do"

    Why We Love It: The bride was literally swept off her feet!

    Why You Love It: "My favorite for the week. The look of love in not only on the groom's face but of the guests also. Beautiful." —Terri C.

    Photo Credit: Gina Zeidler Photography

  • Rainy Day

    Rainy Day

    Why We Love It: This beautiful photo might just have you wishing for rain on your wedding day!

    Why You Love It: "Because there is nothing like kissing in the rain!" —Helen M.
    "It's like a scene of a movie, captured and frozen in time as a photograph." —Luciana M.
    "This just enhances the love stemming from this couple! I hope I can get a pose like this on my big day! Simply stunning, no other words needed!!" —Courtney L.
    "It's a gorgeous shot of a very special day. Wonderful lighting." —Dawn Marie
    "Love it... looks gorgeous and so romantiic... best one I ever seen in years." —Dunna D.
    "It's perfect; the lighting, the way the rain falls, and the reflection in the puddle... perfect." —Yvonne L.
    "It's absolutely magical!!!! It's like the photographer caught the one moment in time." —Heather H.
    "No words to describe... it's just too stunning." —AriaDress

    Photo Credit: Unplugged Photography

  • Gorgeous Lighting

    Gorgeous Lighting

    Why We Love It: Light strands suspended from the ceiling create such a cool effect during this couple’s first dance!

    Why You Love It: "Literally 'dancing under the stars!!!' LOVE this shot!" —Cindy W. 
    "Oooooh I love it!!! It's so romantic!!!" —Nita R.
    "This looks like love on the moon!" —Ajoge T. 
    "This is too cute!" —Jan S. 

    Photo Credit: Elevate Photography

  • Incredible Movement

    Incredible Movement

    Why We Love It: We love how this photo captures the movement of the dress — plus, we love how the colorful parasols brighten up this barn wedding!

    Why You Love It: "The capture of the movement is amazing! Beautiful!" —Alejandra V.
    "This is the kind of photo every bride wants: unique and unforgettable." —Elizabeth W.
    "Gorgeous! The motion captured in the bride's dress, juxtaposed with the bright umbrellas and the rustic barn setting, is mesmerizing!" —Sharon Y.
    "Love the movement in the dress!" —Micala M.
    "Love love love this! The parasols are the icing on the cake, but the movement of the dress gives the image the cherry on top!" —Sabrina F.
    "Stunning photo! Love this angle showing off a beautiful bride in an incredible dress." —Camie P.
    "This is a story of a picture!!!! It tells so much! Love it!!!" —January M.
    "Just the fun of it sends a sparkle down my spine!!!!" —Patti M.
    "What an amazing photo. It captures the personality and total bliss of the bride!" —Kelly G.
    "Magnificently captured moment!" —Lissette H.
    "Makes this wedding look like it was so stylish and fun!" —Karen R.
    "Love they way they captured the movement of the dress!" —Tami S.

    Photo Credit: Orange Photographie

  • Candid Camera

    Candid Camera

    Why We Love It: We love these candid, emotional reactions when the bride’s brother, who was serving in the military, made a surprise appearance.

    Why You Love It: "OMG... as a family full of military, just seeing her face puts me in tears!!!" —BamaGirl ForLife
    "I know exactly how she feels. My brother won't be able to make it to my wedding in October, and if he showed up, I would lose it just like this. He will be shipped out two weeks after my wedding." —Michele R.
    "This is what I am hoping for at my wedding — praying my brother is not deployed." —Beth D.
    "Her expression gets me emotional! You can tell she wasn't expecting him, and it just made her day." —Michelle K.
    "This picture has it all: Captures the surprise, the reactions, the emotion... for me, it has it all to be a great picture!" —Ellroy M.
    "How special! Such well-captured raw emotion." Emma N.
    "Hands down... the emotion in this photo is REAL. You can feel it." — Ronda S.
    "Made me a little teary-eyed!" —Amy W.
    "This picture says 1,000 words! So amazing." —Bridal Reflections

    Photo Credit: Tonya Beaver Photography

  • Ombré Aisle

    Ombré Aisle

    Why We Love It: We love how this ombré aisle becomes bolder as you approach the end!

    Why You Love It: "Simply stunning!" —Angela P.
    "Ombré ombré ombré = hot hot hot!" —Kimberly C.
    "That's my 10 year renewal wedding! Of course, that would be my favorite!" —Allison B.
    "Too gorgeous!" —David's Bridal

    Photo Credit: Liz and Ryan

  • Surrounded by Balloons

    Surrounded by Balloons

    Why We Love It: We love this fun & colorful Up-inspired bridal portrait!

    Why You Love It: "So fantastic! Its great! I loved it! Bravo!" Giovanni L.

    Photo Credit: Vicki DePew/Red Light Studios

  • Fog Machine

    Fog Machine

    Why We Love It:  Surprise your guests and make your first dance ultra-dramatic with this cool special effect!

    Why You Love It: "This is so beautiful and romantic! Like they are dancing in the clouds!" —Nichola N.
    "Oh! So dreamy and romantic!" —Heather R.
    "This is exactly what I'm looking for." —Justin B.

    Photo Credit: Ten·2·Ten Photography

  • Petal Toss

    Petal Toss

    Why We Love It: Lining your aisle with flower petals? Take advantage of this fun post-ceremony photo idea!

    Why You Love It: "Awesome, awesome photo! There is joy in every falling petal!!! Love it." —Cindy W.

    Photo Credit: True Photography

  • Table Numbers

    Table Numbers

    Why We Love It: Table numbers suspended from the ceiling is an unexpected twist!

    Why You Love It: "In LOVE with all the candles, and the numbers are awesome! SO unique." —Samantha M.
    "Wow! Amazing setup! I love that the table numbers are suspended also, making it super easy for guests to find their place." 
    —Celebrations of Love - Weddings and Events by Christine
    "Simple yet exquisite elegance!" 
    —Janet D.
    "Beautiful colors, clean look; tables are easy to find with visible numbers. Love it!" 
    —Denissa S.

    Photo Credit: Eric Craig Studios

  • Show Off Your Accessories

    Show Off Your Accessories

    Why We Love It: We love this creative way to showcase your gorgeous ring and shoes!

    Why You Love It: "Love, love this image. Everything about it is unique." —Ronda S.
    "So beautiful and creative." —Esmeralda L.
    "One of my favorite pictures ever." —Marilyn B.
    "Love this photo!!!!! Such a great idea." —Liz S.

    Photo Credit: Luna Bella Photography

  • Creative Guest Book

    Creative Guest Book

    Why We Love It: Looking for a creative guest book idea? Set up a photo area, and provide a chalkboard and chalk for guests to leave you photographed messages!

    Why You Love It: "Touching and so sweet. What a wonderful idea!" —Beautiful Occasions
    "Words to live by!" —Beauty Boutique and The Glam Squad

    Photo Credit: Jesse Holland Photography

  • The Coolest Ring Bearer

    The Coolest Ring Bearer

    Why We Love It: Put the focus on your adorable ring bearer with this fun shot!

    Why You Love It: "Love this little guy, I'm sure he stole the show! Never work with children or animals, this is why, he's adorable!" —CarlaCamille S.
    "Gangham style wedding!" —Marie M.
    "But of course... he's got swag!!" —Martania P.
    Super cute!" —The Wedding Outlet
    "Hilarious!" —Alicia R.
    "This is my favorite, he is so cute." —Janine M.
    "LOVING this!" —Long Island Wedding & Event Planners Boutique

    Photo Credit: Jeff Kolodny Photography

  • Sweet Signs

    Sweet Signs

    Why We Love It: We love the sweet signs in this photo!

    Why You Love It: "Really sweet" —Weddings in Surrey
    "How cute is that!!!!" —Terri K.

    Photo Credit: Emma + Josh

  • Candlelit Ceremony

    Candlelit Ceremony

    Why We Love It: Line your ceremony aisle with candles for an ultra-romantic vibe!

    Why You Love It:  "Not only is the venue absolutely stunning, elegant, and romantic, the bride is having a moment absorbing the venue. Too often, brides are so busy that they don't get the chance to reap the rewards of all their hard work and planning efforts. This is a peaceful moment for her, all by herself to check it all out. It's wonderful." —Cindy W.
    "VERY elegant!" —Nicole H.
    "Like an enchanted fairy tale." —Ditched not Hitched
    "Yes, agreed, ultra romantic!" —Liz M.

    Photo Credit: Christian Oth Studio/Designed By: Matthew Robbins

  • Sweet Angle

    Sweet Angle

    Why We Love It: A sweet photo becomes even sweeter when captured from a unique angle.

    Why You Love It: "Love this very pretty. You can tell how much they are in love in this picture. Very cute." —Lydia G.
    "Love it! Very romantic, and very unique to take the picture from that angle." —The Reflective Bride
    "It says sexy, raunchy, love, passion and a little bit of hmmmm..." — Renee V.

    Photo Credit: Julia Nikonchuk Photo

  • Under the Veil

    Under the Veil

    Why We Love It: Simply breathtaking! We love this incredible photo under the veil.

    Why You Love It: "It is just beautiful!" —Magdalena V.
    I just love it! I can't put it into words." —Patience D.
    "Yeah... what she said!" —Lauren M.

    Photo Credit: Alain Martinez Photography

  • First Look

    First Look

    Why We Love It:  We love the emotional reactions during this couple’s first look!

    Why You Love It: "Seeing this makes me want to do this, but I want to see his face for the first time walking down the aisle! Lovely moment for these two, though. Precious." —LeVell & Stacy Wedding
    Very sweet!" —Jill M.

    Photo Credit: Andria Lindquist

  • Cool Special Effect

    Cool Special Effect

    Why We Love It: This incredible special effect was achieved with steel wool and a 9-volt battery!

    Why You Love It: "This shot is so neato! I love how the photographer explains how to do this. I want to try this out." — Unveiled Bridal Boutique
    "I love this, it is very unique and beautiful." —April B.

    Photo Credit: William Walker Photography

  • Under the Stars

    Under the Stars

    Why We Love It: Celebrate an evening under the stars in a beautifully-lit tent, inspired by the night sky.

    Why You Love It: "Simply magical and breathtaking!" —Meanne M.
    "Beautiful and romantic." —Corinne P.

    Photo Credit: Perfectly Planned

  • Ultimate Passion

    Ultimate Passion

    Why We Love It: We love the passion in this romantic, sensual shot.

    Why You Love It: "Love the silhouette. Just sexy and romantic all in one!!" —Stacy M.
    "I want what they have." —Angela M.
    "Such love and passion." —Nicole N.
    "This is a picture I think I need our photographer to take!!! :) LOVE IT." —LeVell & Stacy Wedding
    "Love it in black and white and the touch of solitude!" —Long Island Wedding & Event Planners Boutique

    Photo Credit: Michael Segal Photography

  • Pop of Pink

    Pop of Pink

    Why We Love It:  We love this peek at the bride's hot pink shoes!

    Why You Love It: "I like the shoes... very creative. I think I would do something like that." —​ Alicia M.
    "Lovely. Beautiful couple!" —Beth F.
     "Loving her shoes!!" —Long Island Wedding & Event Planners Boutique

    Photo Credit: Fauset Photography

  • Literary Dream

    Literary Dream

    Why We Love It: A ceremony arch made from books was the perfect fit for this couple's literary-inspired wedding.

    Why You Love It: "Talk about bookworms! It's unique." —Raquel R.
    "This is a great archway, and so personalized to the couple!!" —Southern Square Bridal Show

    Photo Credit: Rubin Photography

  • Bride & Dad

    Bride & Dad

    Why We Love It: We love this sweet moment between the bride and her dad!

    Why You Love It: "Great capture." —Nancy A. 
    "How amazing!" —KatBlu Studio
    "Love this picture...so sweet." —Hallak Cleaners Bridal
    "Miss you, Dad." —Ayosha S.

    Photo Credit: Julie A. Whitlock

  • Pre-Wedding Photo

    Pre-Wedding Photo

    Why We Love It: Don’t want to have a first look? You can still take photos together before the ceremony — without seeing each other!

    Why You Love It: "Beautiful!" —Jenny

    Photo Credit: Infused Studios

  • Bold Bouquet

    Bold Bouquet

    Why We Love It: We love the bold colors in this bouquet — perfect for fall!

    Why You Love It: "I love the colors in th is bouquet... beautiful!" —Marcina L.
    "Love the colors!" —Erykah L.
    "Love the flowers, and the colors are just beautiful!" —Sky Candles.

    Photo Credit: Cary Pennington Photography

  • Play Ball!

    Play Ball!

    Why We Love It:  Play ball! We love this charming photo idea.

    Why You Love It: "Totally unexpected!" —Amanda S.

    Photo Credit: LauraBelle Photography

  • Memory Lane

    Memory Lane

    Why We Love It: Take your guests on a trip down memory lane by lining your aisle with photos of the bride and groom through the years! 

    Why You Love It: "What a great idea! You could even do photos of you and your future Mr. from when you first started dating!" —Alabaster Jar Photography
    "I love this idea!" —Jeany A.
    "I absolutely LOVE this idea! An aisle of photos of the bride and groom, from baby pics to their engagement photo! I'm going to have to do this with one of my couples." —Your Big Day Weddings & Events
    "That's really cute!" —Erica E.

    Photo Credit: Mustard Seed Photography

  • Fall Wedding

    Fall Wedding

    Why We Love It: We love the lighting in this beautiful fall wedding photo! 

    Why You Love It: "Wow! What a beautiful picture!" —Stella G.

    Photo Credit: C. Tyson Photography

  • Outdoor Chandeliers

    Outdoor Chandeliers

    Why We Love It: Having an outdoor reception? Light up the dance floor with chandeliers!

    Why You Love It: "This is my favorite of all times! The chandeliers just add a elegant touch... the couple look amazing underneath them." —Stella G.
    "That looks amazingly beautiful and romantic." —K Formalwear & Bridal

    Photo Credit: Picotte Photography

  • Enchanted Garden

    Enchanted Garden

    Why We Love It: From the hanging lanterns to the lush flowers, this enchanted garden ceremony is ultra-romantic.

    Why You Love It: "Ultra-romantic. Absolutely stunning. I want to renew my vowes here!" —Chris
    "I want to get married here!!!!" —Jessica
    Breathtaking!" —Natural Impression Design

    Photo Credit: John Labbe/Created By:  Preston Bailey

  • Vintage-Inspired Cake

    Vintage-Inspired Cake

    Why We Love It: We love the vintage-inspired lace details on this cake! 

    Why You Love It: "SO simple...yet SO elegant. LOVE IT." —McG Photography
    "OMG! This is my cake :) a friend just told me :) and it tasted amazing!!" —Misha B. 
    "I want to learn how to do this. It's so elegant chic and beautiful." —Amber E.
    "What a stunning wedding cake!" —Julie T.
    "Simply stunning. A work of art." —Macadi Jewellery

    Photo Credit: Jay Tsai Photography

  • Hanging Orchids

    Hanging Orchids

    Why We Love It: We love how the hanging orchids resemble falling snowflakes—perfect for a winter wedding!

    Why You Love It: "This is exactly what I'm doing myself; love it." —Mercedes M.
    "Wow Wow Wow!!!" —Lauren R.
    "Breathtaking!" —Amy's Bubbling Boutique

    Photo Credit: Bob and Dawn Davis

  • Paper Flowers

    Paper Flowers

    Why We Love It: Giant paper flowers are a unique twist on the standard bouquet!

    Why You Love It: "Feel the peacefulness, whimsy and elegance!" —Chapel Runners
    "Something about the big flowers...I don't know, I just like it!" —Shelley E.
    "Love the organic feel." —Sara R.
    "I think it's different and beautiful and looks great for the pictures!" —Samantha H.
    "I like this. It's unique, simply but very beautiful elegant and effective." —Cassandra S.
     "Looks real neat and different!" —Denise H.
    "That's so cute. LOVE IT!" —Nicole F.
    "I like the sleeve on the girl on the right, and the flowers make them look like they are tiny people." —Pete F.

    Photo Credit: Studio Castillero

  • All-White Centerpieces

    All-White Centerpieces

    Why We Love It: Dramatic, all-white centerpieces are the perfect fit for a snowy winter wedding!

    Why You Love It: "WOW! What a feast for the eyes." —Apple Blossoms Floral Design & Gifts.
    "God I love that. Hope my reception is close to that." —Lorin C. 
    "Wow! That's the ultimate in 'layering'. Beautiful!!" —Kathy G.
    "Wow this is breathtaking!" —Rebecca Avis Photography.
    "The power of money! LOL, this is absolutely beautiful!! I love hydrangeas." —Danielle S. 
    "Lush, amazing, romantic! LOVE it!" —Ali Barone Events.
    "Stunning!!! Absolutely stunning!!!" —Stephanie E.
    "Exquisite and breathtakingly beautiful!" —Erin B.  
    "Wowee!" —Richard P. 

    Photo Credit: M Bénédicte Verley/Flowers By: Tantawan Bloom

  • Portrait After Sundown

    Portrait After Sundown

    Why We Love It: Sneak outside for a portrait after sundown—the lighting is gorgeous!

    Why You Love It: "Sundown are perfect for love pictures." —Deanna P.
    "True love..... Feel the happiness." —Cindy D.  
    "Always love sundowns!" —Annabel L.

    Photo Credit: Matt Andrews Photography

  • Escort Card Tree

    Escort Card Tree

    Why We Love It: This dreamy escort card tree makes a bold first impression!

    Why You Love It: "OMG it's amazing, it's just a dream." —Dilara S.
    "Wow, just like a fairy tale." —Ani All Flowers
    "Enchanting!" —Ginger L.
    "This is incredible!" —Kim Larsen, Stella & Dot Independent Stylist 
    "This is beautiful. It looks like it would take a while to find their names, though!" —Judene M. 

    Photo Credit: M Bénédicte Verley/Flowers By: Tantawan Bloom

  • Romantic Snow

    Romantic Snow

    Why We Love It: This romantic moment makes us wish for snow on our wedding days!

    Why You Love It: "Picture perfect!!" —Amy VanMeter Events
    "So beautiful!!" —Barn Loft Candles

    Photo Credit: Josh Lynn Photography

  • Winter Wonderland

    Winter Wonderland

    Why We Love It: The dramatic centerpieces combined with the purple uplighting transform this reception space into a winter wonderland!

    Why You Love It: "This looks like the perfect place for satyrs and fairies to frolic. Very cool-looking"—Erin M.
    "Love this one too!!!! Has a fantasy feel!!! If I could have my wedding my way, it would be designed to look like this photo, plus lights over head for a stary feel." —Jessica L.
    "Wow... this is ultimate glamour! Amazing." —The Grape Vine Events
    "That's wild! I love it. I wish I could do this for my wedding." —Karin E.
    " Wow! This truly looks enchanted. Absolutely Beautiful!"—Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique
    "Oh my! How wonderful is that!!!" —Vikki M.
    "Oh my God, this is out of this world! Love love love." —Gem S.

    Created By: Dreammakers Weddings & Events

  • Romantic Sunlight

    Romantic Sunlight

    Why We Love It: The incredible sunlight transforms a standard portrait into an ultra-romantic moment.

    Why You Love It: "So romantic... Really love this one." —Mbolatiana D.
    "I love this one... it says 'lifetime,' as well as bliss in the moment." —Xan L.

    Photo Credit: Visionyard Photography

  • Paper Lanterns

    Paper Lanterns

    Why We Love It: Floating paper lanterns are a fun and colorful way to punch up your reception space!

    Why You Love It: "I have a feeling alot of fun was had at that wedding." —Liz M.
    "What not to like about this! I love it! Makes you want to party right now, and I don't even do that anymore!" —Denise S.
    "Such pretty colors!" —Amanda Prince Photography
    "The lanterns make me smile."—Samuel's Florist 
    "Wow, that took some time. Love it!" —Carolyn S.
    "So colorful and lively! Love it!" —Ali Barone Events 

    Photo Credit: Tanja Lippert Photography

  • Frame in a Frame

    Frame in a Frame

    Why We Love It: We love this fun twist on the frame-within-a-frame trend!

    Why You Love It: "It feels like the couple really love and want to "frame" and remember the moment with these special people. There's heart in it." —Lisa M.
    "I love how the couple focus on the bridal party...and I love the colors...so pretty!" —Cindy W.
    "I love how it involves the whole family." —Genevieve S.
    "Love the color palette and the focus of the whole thing." —Brittany H.
    "I've never seen anything quite like it. So creative and modern. Just gorgeous." —Anastasia B.
    "I really love all the colors and how happy everyone looks!" —Michelle W.
    "I like how the picture includes friends and family inside the frame. It makes a very important link between the new couple." —Donna C.

    Photo Credit: Michelle Zahn Photography

  • Romantic Shades

    Romantic Shades

    Why We Love It: We love the romantic hues in this high-impact centerpiece.

    Why You Love It: "I adore this!" —Jessica J.  

    Photo Credit: Mel Barlow/Created By: David Tutera

  • Bridesmaid Baskets

    Bridesmaid Baskets

    Why We Love It: Instead of traditional bouquets, the bridesmaids carried baskets down the aisle!

    Why You Love It: "Love the flowers....very different!" —Always Elegant Bridal & Special Event Flowers
    "That's sooo cute." —Elizabeth N.

    Photo Credit: David Schwartz Photography

  • Infamous Kiss

    Infamous Kiss

    Why We Love It:  This couple re-created the infamous War's End Kiss in an engagement photo!

    Why You Love It: "Very nice set! Absolutely beautiful." —Erik

    Photo Credit: Brandy Burridge Photography

  • Engagement Photo

    Engagement Photo

    Why We Love It: We love this adorable engagement photo shoot inspired by childhood favorites, like chalk!

    Why You Love It: "Fun and unique!" —Baba-c Designs 
    "So original!" —Tanya C.
    "So cute..love this!" —Sheng O.

    Photo Credit: One Eye Click

  • Comfy Shoes

    Comfy Shoes

    Why We Love It: We love this peek at the bride’s sneakers!

    Why You Love It: "I love it because it's us. But also because that's the tip-toe move I do when I want a kiss from my tall hubby!" —Lynn C.
    "So cute Lynn!!!!! Union Square? I can tell by the subway lines even though I can't read the sign. Out of all the photos to vote for, yours really is the best. And not because you're my friend, but because this pic is just clearly the winner" —Alaina K.
    "I love the whimsy of shoe choice, and how even though it's "just" footwear, you still know that it's a perfect wedding picture." —Annie A.
    "I like it because what bride doesn't want to be in sneakers as she parties the night away celebrating with her friends and family and new hubby?!" —Erica C.
    "This is so cute, I'm getting ideas!" —Kat T.

    Photo Credit: Casey Fatchett Photography


  • Twilight Inspiration

    Twilight Inspiration

    Why We Love It: This breathtakingly beautiful aisle reminds us of the Breaking Dawn wedding!

    Why You Love It: "What a beautiful setting for a wedding! WOW!!" —Christi W.
    "That is so beautiful!" —Monica S.

    Photo Credit: Axioo Photography

  • Outdoor Chandelier

    Outdoor Chandelier

    Why We Love It: The crystal chandelier is an ultra-romantic and unexpected touch for an outdoor ceremony.

    Why You Love It: "Love it! Nice mix of bling with organic!" —Mica G.
    "This is my favorite! It reminds me of a fairy tale." —Absolute Haven Bridal 
    "Stunning location and beautiful photo!" —Jeanne-Mari V. 
    "I can't picture anything more perfect. Wow!" —Kelly M.
    "Ahhhh...amazing is all I can say!" —Maria S.
    "Timeless beauty." —Lori B.
    "I agree with all these comments. It's such a perfect setting!" —Antonia M. 

    Photo Credit: Victor Sizemore Photography

  • Romantic Draping

    Romantic Draping

    Why We Love It: We love how the fabric draping gives this massive ballroom a more intimate feel.

    Why You Love It:  "LOVE IT!!!! HEAVEN ON EARTH!! YESSSSSS LORD THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!" —Kimberly R.
    "I love this! Oh Oh Oh I am speechless!" —Hazel H.  
    "This does give that wow effect." —Rosetta K.
    "What a venue, stunning!" —Paper Memories
    "This is so beautiful, it kind of make me want to have a bigger wedding." —Kimberly W.

    Photo Credit: Shira Weinberger Photography/Created by: Tantawan Bloom

  • All Hands on Deck

    All Hands on Deck

    Why We Love It: We love this adorable way to include your dog in your wedding photos!

    Why You Love It: "I love this one because the pets are part of the family like children are." —Eric F.
    "Our pets are our first babies and 100% family!" —Marianne C.
    "So cute and such an awesome idea!" — Kristina J.

    Photo Credit: Gambol Photography

  • Excited Groom

    Excited Groom

    Why We Love It: We love this groom’s enthusiastic reaction to kissing his bride!

    Why You Love It: "It's cute, and it clearly shows that he's achieved his dream to be with the woman he really loves. He's expressing himself with both passion & emphasis. And, she shows that she loves him for doing it so, and being with him." —Jarynn Q.
    "When my fiancé and I finally get married (2015), I'm sure he'll do the same. It would surprise me more if he didn't do something like this!" —Terri T.
    "Love the passion and excitement in this photo!" —Heather C.
    "Passion, excitement, and fun!" —Sara C.
    "All of the above!" —Rosa T.

    Photo Credit: Emily Blake Photography

  • Mirror, Mirror

    Mirror, Mirror

    Why We Love It: We love this fun idea for a photo with your bridesmaids!

    Why You Love It: "This is a great way to add dimension and get the most use of space when photographing a large group. We have done this at Christmas before where we have many sitting on and around the couch and have the rest on the other side of the room looking into the mirror above the couch. It makes for a great shot and excellent memories." —Teresa Rose D.
    "Great pic! The bride has been captured in a fun moment!" —CosMeticulous Make-up Artist 
    "Great pic and idea! We love it!" — Honeymoonwishes.com 

    Photo Credit: Emin Photography

  • Pick a Seat, Not a Side

    Pick a Seat, Not a Side

    Why We Love It: Balance out your guest list and create a sense of unity by not dividing your guests into "bride's side" and "groom's side" for the ceremony.

    Why You Love It: "My favorite because it touches my heart. My marriage is a 2nd for both of us and we are combining two families, and this is just the cutest idea!" —Julie Garcia
    "This says it all!!! I'm going to do just this!!" —Tina G.
    "We are going to do this!" —Amy W.
    "I love this! With two of my children marrying their dream mates this summer, I can't wait to share this." —Lorelei E.
    "My fave, this is a great idea!" —Rachael W.

    Photo Credit: Gambol Photography

  • Love Letters

    Love Letters

    Why We Love It: The bride and groom shared a special, private moment together before the ceremony — without seeing each other!

    Why You Love It: " tear up just looking at this photo — lovely!" —Erin B.
    "One of my favorite moments of the entire day!" —Christina M.
    "This is simply darling. Love how it captures the moment!"—Something Borrowed Bride
    "I like this, love this, times a MILLION!!" —Janae L.

    Photo Credit: Dianne Personett Photography

  • Funny Bridal Party Photo

    Funny Bridal Party Photo

    Why We Love It: Don't corrupt the flower girl!

    Why You Love It: "Such a fun picture! Everyone's expressions are priceless." —Sarah T.
    "This is hilarious!" —Kirsten L.
    "It's beautiful because you dont see a lot of wedding pics like this." —Lena H.
    "You know which one I will be!!" —Karan D.
    "This photograph is so funny!" —Snap Flash Photo

    Photo Credit: Maria Vicenio Photography

  • Thank You

    Thank You

    Why We Love It: Make it easier to find the perfect photo for your thank-you cards by planning a picture specifically for that purpose!

    Why You Love It: "I love this! Great idea for thank you cards!" —Linda B.
    "So cute! The background, the sign, the couple..." —Advantage Bridal

    Photo Credit: Stephanie Moe Photography

  • Breathtaking Veil

    Breathtaking Veil

    Why We Love It: Simply put, this photo is breathtakingly beautiful!

    Why You Love It: "This is why every bride should wear a veil!" —Carol Shaw
    "Timeless! Definately captures the moment!" —Jamie B.
    "Look like giant butterfly wings. Very cool." —Kathy M.
    "It's classy and romantic. Love the veil in the air." —Sherry G.
    "The perfect shot!" —TheRoseBazaar.com
    "CAPTIVATING!!!" —Oluwole A.
    "This is the way a fairy tale should be." —Ginger L.

    Photo Source: My Wedding Obsession

  • Flipped Perspective

    Flipped Perspective

    Why We Love It: Flip the perspective of the traditional first kiss photo, and you’ll capture your guests' reactions at the same time!

    Why You Love It: "What a great idea! I'm getting married Sept. 22; I'll have to use this one." —Brenda D.

    Photo Credit: Daniele Del Castillo

  • Whimsical Beach

    Whimsical Beach

    Why We Love It: We love this whimsical set-up for a beach wedding ceremony!

    Why You Love It: "I love the winding aisle, and the altar area and seating. If I were getting married on the beach, this set-up is what I'd want." —Laura D.
    "Wedding on the beach, I love it!!" —Miranda V.
    "It's just different and very inviting!" — Robbie .R.
    "It's just gorgeous!!" —Rebecca O.

    Photo Credit: Colin Miller Photography

  • Romantic Kiss

    Romantic Kiss

    Why We Love It: Must-have kissing photo! We love this romantic shot.

    Why You Love It: "Beautiful and romantic!" —Melissa R.
    "Amore!" —Doris C.
    "That is absolutely beautiful!" — Zevenwacht Wines

    Photo Credit: Photographs by Anjuli

  • Groom

    Groom's New Ring

    Why We Love It: Grooms love showing off their new bling, too! We love these silly photos with the groomsmen.

    Why You Love It: "I love to catch at least one silly moment of a bridal party or two or three, they make for great tension busters!" —Memories by Sparky Photography
    "What an awesome idea, and so well executed!! It's a winner!!! These guys are fabulous!" —Katia S.
    "I absolutely want my guys to do this!!!" —Samantha L.
    "Brings a smile to my face!" —Debbie G.
    "This is a great pic! Too funny, and the guys are loving it, too." —Valerie M.

    Photo Credit: Plumtree Studios

  • White Bouquet

    White Bouquet

    Why We Love It:  This all-white bouquet is anything but boring!

    Why You Love It: "These flowers are pretty. I don't want any distracting flower colors, so I am thinking all white like this for my flowers." —Amber H.

    Photo Credit: Solar Photographers

  • On the Dock

    On the Dock

    Why We Love It: Kick off your shoes for this memorable shot!

    Why You Love It: "Very cute!" —Something Borrowed Bride
    "I have seen a los of photos high lighting the wedding dress alone. I like the concept of this photo better, the shoes, beach, and the kiss. Very well done!" —Cyhallatlanta

    Photo Credit: Clear Skies Photography

  • Secret Identities Revealed

    Secret Identities Revealed

    Why We Love It: Secret superheroes! The groom and his groomsmen revealed their true colors during the wedding.

    Why You Love It: "Yes! I will get married in a similar fashion." — Kyle P.
    "Ahhh, the Big Bang Theory Gang gets married." —Nancy B.
    "Gotta remember this one for when my son gets married! And yes, he loves the Big Bang Theory!" — PoconoWeddings.com- The Poconos Wedding Resource  
    "I love how they mixed DC and Marvel. There are plenty of superheros in each brand that they didn't need to intermingle." — Billy G.

    Photo Credit: Crystal Image Photography

  • No Peeking

    No Peeking

    Why We Love It: No peeking! We love this precious photo with the flower girl.

    Why You Love It: "I love this photo; it has several stories going on. The bride and groom having their moment, The groomsmen, The bridesmaid and then that precious flower girl... I vote this is the photo of the week!!!" —Anita M.
    "I love the whole newsboy inspired look. Plus, how cute is that flower girl. So sweet!!" —Marcie M.
    "It's so cute, and the little girl covering her eyes while the couple kiss is priceless." —Anna F.
    "Such an adorable and cute flower girl!" —Maysa M.
    "Flower girl is too cute, reminds me of my girls." —Melissa E.

    Photo Credit: Ashfall Mixed Media, Inc.

  • A Walk Through the Snow

    A Walk Through the Snow

    Why We Love It: This beautiful snowy moment has us dreaming of a white wedding.

    Why You Love It: "Favorite for sure! Stunning!" —Denise G.
    "Just beautiful." —The French Etiquette
    "Soooo pretty!" —Panama Red
    "Gorgeous photo!" —Cindy's Cakery, LLC
    "Aw! This just made my day. Thank you!" —Rebekah J. Murray Photography

    Photo Credit: Rebekah J. Murray Photography

  • Magical Moment

    Magical Moment

    Why We Love It: We love this magical moment created with sparklers!

    Why You Love It: "I'm going to have to remember this one!" —Alicia M.
    "If you look closely, you can see the ghosted image of the runner!" —David M.
    "Amazing photo!!" — Cindy's Cakery, LLC

    Photo Credit: Lamb and Lark

  • Snowy Day

    Snowy Day

    Why We Love It: Bad weather doesn’t have to ruin your day; turn it into a gorgeous photo op instead, like this couple!

    Why You Love It: "Wow. Rebekah Murray is truly an amazing artist. I've been a fan of hers for awhile and this shows why!" —Julie M.

    Photo Credit: Rebekah J. Murray Photography

  • Jump!


    Why We Love It: We love the look on the bride’s face in this daring bridal party picture!

    Why You Love It: "Ha ha ha brilliant!" —MisseyDressy

    Photo Credit: Alex M. Photography

  • Contrasting Colors

    Contrasting Colors

    Why We Love It: Don’t be afraid to dress your bridesmaids and groomsmen in contrasting colors!

    Why You Love It: "The coral and caribbean blue would be STUNNING against a gorgeous backdrop of the beach! I seriously love this! LOVE the not-so-stuffy nature of the different colors." —Unbelizeable Weddings and Honeymoons

    Photo Credit: Nicole Dixon Photography/Event Planner: Bliss Events Ohio

  • Must-Have Photo

    Must-Have Photo

    Why We Love It: The new must-have photo: a portrait through your wedding ring!

    Why You Love It: "Wow, that really is the 'one ring to rule them all' photo! Beautiful." —Jill S.
    "Very unique picture. Love it!" —Indigidesigns
    "That's an awesome shot!" —PetalGem Weddings
    "This is STUNNING! I'd love to see more of these!" —Cynthia B.
    "That's so beautiful!" —Ann P.
    "Lovely camera shot!" —Gelin A.

    Photo Credit: Aubrey Joy Photography

  • Under the Umbrellas

    Under the Umbrellas

    Why We Love It: Who would've guessed that umbrellas could make such an impact on your décor?

    Why You Love It: "WOWWW!!!" —Metalroza

    Photo Credit: Justin Lee Photography/Created By: Canvas and Canopy Events

  • Escort Cards

    Escort Cards

    Why We Love It: This creative way of displaying your escort cards also helps you keep everything organized pre-wedding!

    Why You Love It: "What a fun way to TIE the knot!" —Liz K.

    Photo Credit: Jen Lauren Grant/Created By: Canvas and Canopy Events

  • Groom

    Groom's Reaction

    Why We Love It: Our favorite reason to write your own vows? Reactions like this!

    Why You Love It: "Such a sweet moment!" —Jenna C.

    Photo Credit: Bowersock Photographers

  • Unique Centerpiece

    Unique Centerpiece

    Why We Love It: Who says your flowers need to be in a glass vase? Add visual interest by using an unexpected container.

    Why You Love It: "Gorgeous, looks Victorian." —Amy's Bubbling Boutique
    "Absolutely love it!" —Terasa T.  

    Photo Credit: John Labbe/Created By:  Preston Bailey

  • Covered in Petals

    Covered in Petals

    Why We Love It: Flower petals make this sweet photo even more romantic!

    Why You Love It: "What a fun and beautiful photo!" —Diana E.

    Photo Credit: Michael Anthony Photography

  • Beautiful Lighting

    Beautiful Lighting

    Why We Love It: We love the lighting in this perfectly-timed photo!

    Why You Love It: "It looks like a Disney wedding picture! Love this." —Bianca M.
    "Lovely and enchanting!" —Wuendith E.
    "Absolutely gorgeous. It looks straight out of a movie." —Stephanie G.

    Photo Credit: Horia Calaceanu

  • Bride Through the Ring

    Bride Through the Ring

    Why We Love It: Capture a photo of the bride through the groom’s wedding ring!

    Why You Love It:  "I think it is such a great idea, so super cute, like seeing through the groom's eyes." —Julia O.
    "Circle of love... eternal. Love it" —Maggie S.
    "I used to be an art major, and I always love things slightly more original — which this is. It plays great with line texture and color. The photo has great movement, not to mention the symbology." —Manda B.
    "It's beautiful, symbolic, and unique. Love it!" —Rebecca R.

    Photo Credit: Iconic Media

  • Rainy Dream

    Rainy Dream

    Why We Love It: This photo in the rain is absolutely stunning!

    Why You Love It: "It looks like a Cinderella storybook ending; very magical." —Shonna O.

    Photo Credit: Studio Tran

  • Fun in the Snow

    Fun in the Snow

    Why We Love It: We love this fun way to take advantage of a snowy wedding day!

    Why You Love It: "This is my favorite because it's whimsical and fun, yet elegant. I love how the photographer captured the moment as well with the snow in the air. Definitely a winner in my book." —Amy D.
    "Who doesn't want to throw snow? Awesome picture." —Bonnie L.
    "Love the snow, colors, and everyone involved in picture. They are having fun, and that's what a wedding is about — not the glamour and food, but the vows and people you want to enjoy it with." —Tracy C.

    Photo Credit: Wren Photography

  • Sparklers


    Why We Love It: We love this magical way to use sparklers in your wedding photos:

    Why You Love It: "Very sweet and magical." —Tamara C.
    "Best photo so far!!!" —Stephenie H.

    Photo Credit: Captivating Weddings

  • Chic Attire

    Chic Attire

    Why We Love It: Keep warm in style! We love this couple’s chic winter wedding attire.

    Why You Love It: "It's so timeless and different; you very rarely see any wedding photos in a snowy setting! Love it." —Christa K.
    "They're not letting cold weather stopping them smiling and loving their day!" —Taz K.
    "Refreshing, elegant and stunning!" —Rachel G.
    "Very different! I mean honestly, how many wedding pictures look like this? I have to agree with everyone else... timeless!" —Kenzi M.
    " It looks like a musical" —Jenn S.

    Photo Credit: Anastasiya Belik Photography

  • Passionate Kiss

    Passionate Kiss

    Why We Love It: We love the passion and romance in this sweet photo!

    Why You Love It: "Hot without being X-rated!" —Tiffany T.
    "You can sense the love and lust in this photo!" —Kathy F.

    Photo Credit: Elizabeth Messina

  • From All Angles

    From All Angles

    Why We Love It: Because one photo of that first moment in your gown just isn’t enough!

    Why You Love It: "I like how silly it is. And they say bridesmaid pictures aren't fun!" —Michelle K
    "What a clever way to capture the first moments in your wedding dress!" —Fabulous Petite Gifts and Favors by Kate Aspen
    "This one is more realistic than the others — everyone loves taking phone pics!" —Rachel Harmon

    Photo Credit: CINEMATICbyDavidM

  • First Look

    First Look

    Why We Love It: We love the pure bliss on this groom’s face upon seeing his bride for the first time on the big day!

    Why You Love It: "This is so, so special... something both of them will treasure for a long time." —Heidi G.
    "One of the best "first glance" photos I've ever seen!!! He's got so many emotions running across his face... from happy to amazed... it's like he can't believe that woman is about to become HIS wife! So dang sweet!" —Cindy W.
    "It's so touching." —Bunnie T.

    Photo Credit: Joe Elario Photography

  • Animal Photo Bomb

    Animal Photo Bomb

    Why We Love It: Such a fun photo! We love these curious dolphins taking a peek at the happy couple.

    Why You Love It: "This one is adorable. Love how the dolphins are looking at them just like the other onlookers. Too cute." —Aleriena L.

    Photo Credit: Sarah Mac Photography

  • Surrounded by Love

    Surrounded by Love

    Why We Love It: We love how the couple is encircled by their loved ones in this overhead shot of the first dance!

    Why You Love It: "By far the coolest and most unique." —Danielle C.

    Photo Credit: Tony Gajate Photography

  • Spiral Ceremony

    Spiral Ceremony

    Why We Love It: This spiral ceremony setup gives each guest a front row seat for your walk down the aisle!

    Why You Love It: "That is a wonderful setup!" —Shayla D.
    "Awesome thought!!" —Morgan T.
    "Fab idea. Love it!" —Kelly S.
    Such a cool idea! —Alexandria W.

    Photo Credit: Blenda Montoro Photography

  • Beach Ball Toss

    Beach Ball Toss

    Why We Love It: Fun idea for beach weddings: Give each guest a small beach ball to toss after you say "I Do!"

    Why You Love It: "This lighthearted, whimsical exit perfectly complements an intimate destination wedding on the beach." —Nikki S.

    Photo Credit: Meg Baisden Photography

  • Enchanted Forest

    Enchanted Forest

    Why We Love It: It's like getting married in an enchanted forest! We love the gorgeous lighting on the tree.

    Why You Love It: "I love the colors and the lights. It's dreamy and romantic." Suzanne M.
    "Truly love it!!! The lights, tree, the colors, all the decorations... I would consider it for my own." Vanessa O.
    "Very whimsical and unique." Tanya C. 

    Photo Credit: Amanda Marie Photography

  • The Finger

    The Finger

    Why We Love It: No, those aren’t their middle fingers! We love this funny photo to show off your new rings.

    Why You Love It: "It's so funny!" —Taelor B.

    Photo Credit: Paul Retherford Wedding Photography

  • Rustic Elegance

    Rustic Elegance

    Why We Love It: This centerpiece strikes the perfect balance of rustic and elegant.

    Why You Love It: "Wow! Beautiful!! This will be a beautiful centerpiece on the head table at the reception. It will add to the elegant touch and give the room a warm feeling." —FranSha B.
    "A lovely centerpiece for a vintage themed wedding. I love the lit candles delicately floating mid-air. This centerpiece adds a romantic feeling." —Diana V.

    Photo Credit: Mel Barlow/Created By: Tantawan Bloom

  • Parents

    Parents' Wedding Photos

    Why We Love It: For a sweet tribute to your parents, take a picture where you each hold a photo from your parents’ wedding day!

    Why You Love It: "This is an incredible photo! How sweet to include history in their day! LOVE!" —Ronda B.
    "I love this...what a great idea!" —Veronica M.
    "The difference in style is amazing! Love it! Thank you for sharing." —It's My Wedding

    Photo Credit: Ana Lui Photography

  • Save-the-Date


    Why We Love It: We love this sweet and simple save-the-date idea!

    Why You Love It: "What an awesome idea!!! I may just have to use something like this for my save the date!!!" —Michele T.
    "Me too!! How creative!" —Ruth S. 
    "This has my vote!" —Our Wedding Consultant

    Photo Credit: Brittany Janelle Photography

  • Pinky Promise

    Pinky Promise

    Why We Love It: Show off your rings with a pinky promise!

    Why You Love It: ‎"Pinky swear you'll love me forever!" —Rachel M.
    "Nothing more meaningful than to promise to love someone forever!!!" —Maysa M.

    Photo Credit: Amber Engfer Photography

  • Colorful Ceremony

    Colorful Ceremony

    Why We Love It: Punch up your ceremony décor with bright chair pads that match your color scheme!

    Why You Love It: "This I really like because of the 'bride' sign — it stops all the guests from ruining the nice flowers on the ground before the bride comes. This should be done everywhere" —Let's Set a Date Co.
    "Great colors!" —Stephen LaMarche Photography
    "These were my wedding colors!!!" —Autumn K.

    Photo Credit: Becca Rillo Photography/Created By: Les Belles Affaires

  • L-O-V-E


    Why We Love It: We love this sweet way to show your love in your wedding photos!

    Why You Love It: "How nice! So sweet!" —Jirapun C.
    "Love this!" —Vanessa V.
    "So cute!!!" —Yari R.

    Photo Credit: Rebecca Fitzpatrick Photography

  • Checklist


    Why We Love It: We love this fun bridal portrait idea!

    Why You Love It: "Cute and creative portrait idea!" –Sara F.

    Photo Credit: Snappy Shots by Bev

  • Romantic Rain

    Romantic Rain

    Why We Love It: Rain on your wedding day? Take advantage of the weather by capturing a romantic photo like this!

    Why You Love It: "It shows that you shouldn't take weddings so seriously; even in the rain, they are truly happy." —Angel A. 
    "Love just goes with it!" —Deb C.

    Photo Credit: Vesic Photography

  • Shhh!


    Why We Love It: We love the anticipation in this sweet moment before the first look!

    Why You Love It: "I do love the anticipation in this photo, too!!" —Maysa M.

    Photo Credit: True Photography

  • Gold-Accented Cake

    Gold-Accented Cake

    Why We Love It: We love the intricate gold accents on this modern wedding cake!

    Why You Love It: "This is beautiful!" —Made With Love Designs ltd.

    Photo Credit: Mike Peyzner and Natasha Valik of Choco Studio Photography

  • Dramatic Décor

    Dramatic Décor

    Why We Love It: From the suspended flowers to the dramatic draping, this reception set-up makes us swoon. 

    Why You Love It: "I wish I could have this for my wedding!!! It's amazing!!!" —Jessica L.
    "Definitely wow!"—Candace T. 
    "Classically awesome!" —Asfia S. 
    "Absolutely breathtaking." —Before the Knot 

    Photo Credit: Axioo Photography

  • Brady Bunch

    Brady Bunch

    Why We Love It: Take a silly shot of each member of your bridal party, then combine them into a fun Brady Bunch-inspired collage!

    Why You Love It: "The funny faces are a sweet way of saying HAVE FUN and enjoy your special day!!" —Macadi Jewellery

    Photo Credi: Kristen Weaver

  • Beachy Bouquet

    Beachy Bouquet

    Why We Love It:  We love the starfish in this bright and cheery bouquet — so perfect for a beach wedding!

    Why You Love It: “Imagine carrying this beautful bouquet, toes in the sand, marrying the love and soulmate of your dreams!" —I Do Island Weddings

    Photo Credit: Minerva Photography

  • Ring Security

    Ring Security

    Why We Love It: We love this adorable way to keep your rings safe as your ring bearer walks down the aisle.

    Why You Love It: "I like this! Best idea, so safe." —Junkobo Events Project
    "LOL he's secret service, so cute!" — Alisse D.

    Photo Credit: Kim Le Photography

  • Romantic Lift

    Romantic Lift

    Why We Love It: This ultra-romantic photo makes us swoon!

    Why You Love It: "Having a commitment with your true love is amazingly wonderful!" —Crystal D.

    Photo Credit: Rebekah J. Murray Photography

  • Fun Perspective

    Fun Perspective

    Why We Love It: We love the perspective of this fun photo with the bridal party!

    Why You Love It: "What a cute shot, very simple but creative." —Tanesha T.
    "Wow, what an amazing idea!" —Candelaria T.
    "Beautiful and unique photo!" —Thats Amore Weddings Italy

    Photo Credit: Ashfall Mixed Media, Inc.

  • Gown-Inspired Cake

    Gown-Inspired Cake

    Why We Love It: This beautiful cake was inspired by the bride’s gown!

    Why You Love It: “Gorgeous and looks yum! Wonderful! —Cheap Gothic Victorian Dresses
    “Awesome! Really detailed” —Dave M.

    Photo Credit: Jay Qualls Cakes

  • His Favorite Ladies

    His Favorite Ladies

    Why We Love It: We love this sweet photo of the groom with his two favorite ladies — his bride and his mom!

    Why You Love It: "This is cute and a definite 'should do!'" —Peter E.

    Photo Credit: Creatrix Photography

  • Surrounded by Love

    Surrounded by Love

    Why We Love It: Surround yourselves with love from your friends and family!

    Why You Love It: "I think this is a great idea and would look wonderful in a family room of your first house after being married!!!" —Brittany G.
    "Very inclusive!" —Antonia S.

    Photo Credit: Inspire Photography

  • Contrasting Colors

    Contrasting Colors

    Why We Love It: Make your centerpieces pop by choosing a contrasting color for uplighting!

    Why You Love It: "It's so elegant, classy and intimate!!! The moon behind the centerpiece makes it MAGICAL!!!" —Sandra Lee V.
    "Gorgeous color, and with bling!! And fire!! I would love this!" —Gloria D.
    "Lovely collection of colors." —Rawan H.

    Photo Credit: Stevie Ramos Photography

  • Love Story Aisle Runner

    Love Story Aisle Runner

    Why We Love It: This incredible DIY aisle runner tells the couple’s story together, from their first date to the proposal!

    Why You Love It: "This is great! Makes you realize why you're really walking down the aisle." —Jodi H.
    "Lovely, so unusual." —Gayle G.
    "That is such a cute idea!" —Nastassia Y.

    Photo Credit: The Other Sister Photography/Source: Oh Lovely Day

  • Romantic Aisle

    Romantic Aisle

    Why We Love It: Bold flowers against a plain runner creates a simply stunning ceremony aisle!

    Why You Love It: "Simply elegant with a beautiful country setting!" —Amanda B.

    Photo Credit: Alison Duke Photography/Created by: Colin Cowie

  • Last Shot of the Night

    Last Shot of the Night

    Why We Love It: Snap a romantic last shot of the night as the elevator doors close.

    Why You Love It: "Hot, sexy newlywed romance." —Rachel M.
    "Love this romantic picture!!!" —Maysa M.
    "So romantic!" —Amanda R.

    Photo Credit: More Than an Image Photography

  • Ethereal Beauty

    Ethereal Beauty

    Why We Love It: We love the ethereal beauty of this through-the-veil shot!

    Why You Love It: "Great shot, gorgeous!" —Studio Verve On Location
    "Beautiful!" —Tigerlilly Jewelry
    "Absolutely gorgeous!" —Amie T.

    Photo Credit: Jose Villa

  • High-Flying Engagement Photo

    High-Flying Engagement Photo

    Why We Love It: This amazing circus-themed engagement shoot is full of high-flying tricks!

    Why You Love It: "Love it, looks like they are enjoying life together!" —Amy's Bubbling Boutique
    "Great fun shot!" —Visions Gentle 

    Photo Credit: Carla Ten Eyck Photography

  • Half & Half

    Half & Half

    Why We Love It: Half traditional for the bride and half modern for the groom, this impressive cake is the perfect compromise!

    Why You Love It: "Wow, this is the cake I want if I get married!!" —Ash
    "I must have this cake!" —Bpw1823

    Cake by Shockley's Sweet Shoppe

  • Color-Coordinated Perfection

    Color-Coordinated Perfection

    Why We Love It: Don’t underestimate the importance of nail polish! We love how the bridesmaids' nails coordinate perfectly with the gowns and flowers.

    Why You Love It: "Love the bright colors!" —Afloral.com
    "Love the flowers!" —Rachel N.

    Photo Credit: FionaLorne Photography

  • Engagement Photo

    Engagement Photo

    Why We Love It: This engagement photo, inspired by The Notebook, is one of our all-time favorites!

    Why You Love It: "This is amazing. Nice way for them to reenact one of the best scenes from The Notebook. Love it." —Amie T.

    Photo Credit: Blushing Bride Studio

The Most Popular Wedding Photos