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What to Do With Your Dress After Your Wedding

Finding your wedding dress is a big deal. You probably did a lot of research to find the perfect store, the perfect style, and the perfect look. So what will become of it after the last dance has ended and all your guests have gone home? Don't just leave it to collect dust under your bed. Here are 6 clever things to do with your dress once the big day is over.

Pumpkin Spice Wedding Inspiration

Falling for fall? We can't blame you. The air is crisp, the leaves are vibrant, and everything feels so cozy and romantic. It's also the time of year that pumpkin makes its triumphant return, so why not draw upon the season's most beloved flavor as you plan your wedding? Here's how you can work pumpkin spice into all of your wedding details.

1. Opt for a pumpkin spice palette

A burnt orange hue looks lovely when paired with ivory, gold, and brown. Mix in textures like cable knit, fur, and burlap for a warm and welcoming look.

Planning a Bachelorette Party on a Budget

It feels like it happens every year when you're in your twenties: You glance at your calendar at the beginning of the season, and you realize your weekends are outright booked for the next three months. Weddings, showers, bachelorettes, birthdays, and holidays... all of that celebrating can really add up! In the spirit of keeping everyone and their wallet happy, we've got five ideas for bachelorette bashing on a budget.

Party-Perfect Essentials

party supplies from 3m

Creating your DIY projects just got so much easier, thanks to the amazing Command Brand Party Products from 3M. These genius items came across my desk recently, and I was duly impressed. They’re ideal for pre-wedding festivities, making it quick and easy to set up decorations for a bachelorette party, bridal shower, bridesmaids’ luncheon and more.

This Bouquet is a Gorgeous Tribute to Harry Potter

Instead of a traditional floral bouquet, bride Victoria Garcia decided to let her bouquet reflect her greatest literary love — Harry Potter. 

"While a wedding is all about the couple and two people coming together, I wanted to carry something that stood for me and me alone," she told HuffPost Weddings. "My husband Rey knows and accepts my love of Harry Potter! He thought that my idea [was] awesome."


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