Sneak Peek: The Breaking Dawn Wedding!


Look away if you don't want to see photos from the upcoming Breaking Dawn film! Still reading? Scroll down for all the juicy deets Twihards can expect to see when the fourth installment in the beloved series hits movie theaters on November 18.

Here, Alice and Rosalie prep Bella for her big day. "Is this really necessary? I'm going to look plain next to him no matter what," said Bella in the novel. "No one will dare to call you plain when I'm through with you," retorts Alice. Bella naps while soon-to-be-sister-in-law Alice masks, buffs, and polishes her from head to toe. 

In a surprising moment of tenderness, Rosalie—who clearly doesn't approve of Bella's decision to marry Edward and become immortal, a choice she never had—creates the bride's intricate, braided updo and places the veil underneath.

Bella is shocked when Edward forces her to look into a mirrored surface at the wedding reception—"her skin was cream and roses, her eyes were huge with excitement and framed with thick lashes." Since this natural beauty's idea of dolling up consists of raking a brush through her hair and throwing on flip-flops and a hoodie, we can't wait to see Alice work her magic in the movie!

We can just FEEL the palpable emotion coming out of this photo. Bella's divorced parents look so proud—mom Renée on the verge of tears and dad Charlie a bit anxious to give his only child away. Doesn't he look dashing in his "monkey suit" (as he calls it) and she stunning in a deep plum gown? Like most moms, Bella remarks that when it comes to wedding-planning, hers is having more fun with this than "a kid locked inside Disneyland overnight." Mom reflects on how beautiful her daughter is, saying "you look like you just stepped out of an Austen movie." 

Although our first inclination was that the blue box contained Edward and Bella's wedding rings, we think it's actually her "something blue;" ornate, silver hair combs encrusted with blue sapphires, which Bella inherits from her Grandma Swan. 

As clumsy Bella starts her descent down the stairs, she whispers, "Don't let me fall, Dad." Thankfully, she manages not to trip and makes it to the altar. "Charlie took my hand, and, in a symbol as old as the world, placed it in Edward's. I touched the cool miracle of his skin, and I was home."

twilight wedding bella edward










Edward surprises Bella by not telling her where they will be spending their first few days as Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. Her honeymoon destination: Isle Esme, a private island owned by the bride's new MIL off the coast of Brazil. We all know that their trip turns out to be intense, to say the least...

How will they film this?

And this?!

Looks like Bella's officially on her eggs binge. Can Edward come cook for us, too?

Is Bella wearing one of the lingerie garments that Alice packed for her, here? 

Wedding bands alert!

That tummy rub is a small sign of the epic event that is about to happen. Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward, recently revealed to media outlets that the birthing scene was the hardest one he's ever had to film. 


Tell us: Which photo is your favorite so far and why? Stay tuned for more Breaking Dawn coverage... 


—Stefania Sainato