WATCH: Wedding Speech Turns Into Epic Britney Spears Dance!

How do you make your bestie of 19 years feel special on their wedding day? If you're Bradley Bredeweg, then you give guests a glimpse into your friendship with a heartfelt toast...that erupts into a choreographed Britney Spears performance!

The best man's speech for pal Stephanie Huntington at her wedding reception on February 23rd began innocently enough when he explained to the crowd that Brit-Brit has been the "soundtrack of their lives." He then went on to say that "We also know that marriage takes work," but he didn't even have to finish his sentence, because based on the bride's shocked expression, she had an inkling what was coming next.

As soon as "Work B**tch" began to play, the "wait staff" (who were actually hired professional dancers in disguise) put down their trays of champagne and sauntered onto the dance floor. Watch the performance below and tell us what you think!

The hilarious video has already been viewed over 266,000 times and it even got the Princess of Pop's seal of approval:

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—Stefania Sainato