How to Handle Your Groom's Most Baffling Behavior

So he’s the perfect guy — but a less-than-perfect groom? We chose four common dilemmas brides report when trying to get their guys to lend a hand, and then asked male wedding experts how to deal.

The Too-Traditional Groom

The Dilemma: Many grooms nowadays like to be involved with planning, but if your groom wants to stick with tradition—booking the band, honeymoon and nothing else—and you’re in dire need of assistance, there are easy steps you can take.

The Fix: Decide what duties are right for him. “Look at his talents,” says Fowler. “I’m a writer and designer, so I created our save-the-dates and ceremony programs.” Also, don't forget to be a bit forgiving. Your fiancé’s “traditional” responsibilities might take longer than you think. Maybe he’s been corralling groomsmen’s tux measures and booking the limo. “If not, go back to the list and say ‘Here’s the 75 percent I’m doing, and here’s the 25 percent you’re doing’,” says Fowler. “Always use logic.”