The 5 Most Asked Questions About Groomsmen Fashion

Here's what you need to know about dressing your favorite dudes.

groomsmen fashion
Photo: Saje Photography via Generation Tux

How do I know if I should be wearing a tux vs. a suit? "The key here is to look at the overall dress code and vibe of the wedding itself. The most common formal dress code for weddings is black tie, which means you'll want to wear a tuxedo over a suit. Black-tie optional attire gives a little more flexibility, so you could opt for a tuxedo or something a little less formal, like a black or charcoal notch lapel suit. For cocktail attire, a suit is a perfect option, but it's also very popular to embrace a little color here, so consider something in a fun shade like blue or chocolate brown. Finally, for semi-formal or casual attire, we'd suggest a suit in a lighter hue like tan or light gray to look comfortable but still put together." —Jason Jackson, President & COO, Generation Tux

What is the groom wearing? "Don't make groomsmen attire an afterthought! The boys deserve their time to shine, too. Continuity is —key — once the groom has decided on his level of formality and preferred attire, the groomsmen attire should compliment the groom's attire. If the groom opts for a tux, the groomsmen should do the same. You don't want the groom wearing a tux next to groomsmen who are wearing suits." —Mandy Connor, Owner, Hummingbird Events & Design

groom and groomsmen attire
Photo: Saje Photography via Generation Tux

What colors are we wearing? "Don't shy away from color — not every groom's party needs to be in black. Colors like oxblood, navy, and evergreen are trending, along with unique textures like velvet and seersucker add energy and life to men's attire." —Mandy Connor, Owner, Hummingbird Events & Design

What am I supposed to wear in the summer? "Summer weddings are beautiful, but they can also be sweat-inducing. You've got options, though! For beach weddings, we've seen couples gravitate towards more relaxed attire that also is cool and comfortable, like casual shoes and linen shirts. If you're looking for a more formal option but still want to beat the heat, we recommend breathable Super 130s and 140s Merino Wool suits — don't panic hearing the word 'wool.' Our Generation Tux options in these fabrics include features like Coolmax Moisture Wicking and a hidden Flex-Fit waistband, so you'll feel great all day long, even in the high temperatures. Another great tip for warm-weather weddings is to opt for options in lighter colors, since they'll reflect sunlight better than darker ones. Skip the traditional black menswear and instead choose a tan, light gray, or light blue suit." —Jason Jackson, President & COO, Generation Tux

When do I need to order my outfit? "Don't underestimate the importance of ordering your attire in plenty of time! We'd recommend giving yourself at least two months before the wedding to ensure there's no added stress because of time constraints. However, at Generation Tux, you can order and receive your tux or suit in as little as three weeks before the wedding day, so don't feel too rushed!" —Jason Jackson, President & COO, Generation Tux

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Photo: Lauren Fair via Hummingbird Events & Design