How to Handle Your Groom's Most Baffling Behavior

So he’s the perfect guy — but a less-than-perfect groom? We chose four common dilemmas brides report when trying to get their guys to lend a hand, and then asked male wedding experts how to deal.

The Lazy Groom

The Dilemma: If your fiancé refuses to budge off the couch to do anything wedding-related, “make sure there’s some balance between his wedding and responsibilities and free time,” says Michaels. “If you must have him taste appetizers he can’t even pronounce, take him to a movie afterward-one that’s heavy on destruction and light on emotion.”

The Fix: Resist the urge to nag. “Provide encouragement,” says Shandon Fowler, author of The Groom’s Instruction Manual. Positive cajoling, like “It would mean so much to me if you came along,” and reinforcement like, “You’re such a great fiancé — thank you for coming along” can work wonders. Also, utilize people in his support network. If you’re close to his parents, ask for help. “You’re groom may think you’re being unreasonable,” says Fowler, “but if his mom or his brother says the same thing to him, he could see things differently.” Michaels says, “remind him that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so he should enjoy the ride. That means taking the time to sample cakes and to admire the centerpieces.”

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