How to Handle Your Groom's Most Baffling Behavior

So he’s the perfect guy — but a less-than-perfect groom? We chose four common dilemmas brides report when trying to get their guys to lend a hand, and then asked male wedding experts how to deal.

The Overbearing Groom

The Dilemma: Groomzillas are few and far between, but some guys do go overboard.

The Fix: If you’re trying to convince him that you shouldn’t serve pork so as not to offend your relatives who keep kosher, don’t pout or get argumentative. Just tell him exactly why this thing is important to you. Expect to talk and to listen. “It’s a cliché, but marriage is a compromise,” adds Michaels. “If you make a really compelling case, hopefully he’ll understand and back down. Of course, keep in mind that might just mean that you will have to agree to enter the reception to the theme song from ‘Rocky.’ ”

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