DIY We Love: Mason Jar Crafts

Get crafty with these creative, wedding-worthy Mason jar design ideas.

Colorblocked Air Plant Terrariums

mason jar plant favors

Difficulty Rating: Moderately Easy

Air plants are great alternatives for those who enjoy greenery but not the upkeep. After all, not everyone is born with a green thumb. Worry-free plants deserve to be displayed with some glitz and glamour, and these gilded terrariums are one stylish solution. An easy project as well, this DIY only requires a few components, some of which may be found in your own cupboard. Air plants do not require soil to grow so they can be perched on top of any surface or material. Not only is this easy maintenance, but it also allows for total freedom when it comes to display.

Quart- and/or pint-size Mason jars
Butcher paper
Painter’s tape
Spray paint
Dried navy
 or pinto beans
Air plants

1. Prep your Mason jar by making sure it is clean and that the surface is ready to take paint.

2. Thoroughly cover your work area with butcher paper. Spray paint has a tendency to get everywhere so cover anything valuable that may be in its path.

3. Position painter’s tape on your Mason jar in the configuration of your choice.

mason jar plant favors

Press the tape down firmly to prevent paint from seeping underneath. Thoroughly cover the portion of the jar that will not be painted.

mason jar plant favors

4. Put your Mason jar upside down on the butcher paper and spray-paint the jar. Do a thorough coat, covering all the exposed glass.

5. Start to pull the tape up right away, before the paint can fully dry. This will minimize tearing when the tape is removed.

6. Allow the paint to dry overnight.

7. Fill the Mason jar with navy or pinto beans.

8. Display the air plant on top of the beans.

Extra Tips
Plant Care Tip: Keep a spray bottle on hand to easily water the air plants. Air plants need very little attention. An occasional spray or a soak in water, once a week or even once every two weeks should keep them plenty content. Follow specific plant care instructions.

This example uses dried navy or pinto beans. Give other dried foodstuffs a try like rice, black beans, or lentils. Coffee beans are an aromatic alternative as well.

Adapted from Mason Jar Crafts—DIY Projects for Adorable Gifts, Rustic Decor, Clever Storage, Inventive Lighting and Much More, by Lauren Elise Donaldson (Ulysses Press 2013).

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