40+ DIY Projects to Tackle While Stuck at Home

Feeling bored and restless? Occupy your time by learning a new hobby, then utilize your newfound skills to create custom décor for your wedding. From macramé to calligraphy to needlepoint, there's a treasure trove of free tutorials on the Internet. Not feeling quite up to the task? Don't worry, there are plenty of great DIY projects you can accomplish with just paper and glue. Here, get 40+ fresh ideas for your wedding.

By: Kristen Klein

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  • Photo Displays

    Photo Displays

    Being stuck inside the house 24/7 is the perfect time to go through old photos. Create these cute heart-shaped chair signs for your sweetheart table.

  • Photo Displays

    Photo Displays

    Tell your love story through a photo grid. Spray paint a hula hoop, hot glue some ribbons across it, and attach your favorite photos. Faux flowers and greenery complete the look.

  • Engagement Photo

    Engagement Photo

    Newly engaged? You may not be able to have a professional photo shoot right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative when sharing the happy news. Snap a photo of your fur baby holding a sign, and display that on one phone while you use the timer on a second phone to take a unique shot together.

  • Reception Décor: Macramé

    Reception Décor: Macramé

    Macramé is a time-consuming craft but easy once you get the hang of it, making it perfect for keeping your hands busy while watching Netflix.

    Photo: Lara Hotz

  • Reception Décor: Hoop Wreaths

    Reception Décor: Hoop Wreaths

    Turn old embroidery hoops into a unique backdrop for your sweetheart table by arranging them in a creative design and adorning them with faux flowers and greenery.

  • Recycled Centerpieces

    Recycled Centerpieces

    Craft a cute, vintage-chic centerpiece out of paper flowers, mason jars, burlap and lace.

  • Favors: Succulents

    Favors: Succulents

    Succulents are easy to grow indoors and will give you a fun project while you’re staying at home. Use your succulents as favors.

  • Wedding Signs: Painted Wood

    Wedding Signs: Painted Wood

    Paint a simple piece of wood with a sweet phrase, and dress it up with fabric flowers to create a romantic sign for your aisle.

  • Photo Displays

    Photo Displays

    Your parents are probably bored at home, too – ask them to hit the photo archives and scan their favorite photos from your childhood. Use those photos to dress up the aisle of your ceremony.

  • Wedding Signs: Chalkboard

    Wedding Signs: Chalkboard

    Use mini chalkboards to create a cute cake topper.

  • Bouquet: Brooches

    Bouquet: Brooches

    Now is the perfect time to clean out your jewelry box. Gather all of the brooches and baubles that you don’t wear anymore into a one-of-a-kind brooch bouquet.

  • Ceremony Exit: Confetti Poppers

    Ceremony Exit: Confetti Poppers

    Save all of those toilet paper and paper towel rolls to make confetti poppers.

  • Decorated Accessories

    Decorated Accessories

    Grab some fabric paint and transform old denim jackets into memorable accessories for after you say “I do.”

    Photo: Seth and Kaiti

  • Ceremony Exit: Ribbon Wands

    Ceremony Exit: Ribbon Wands

    Create colorful streamers for your guests to wave during your ceremony recessional.

  • Recycled Centerpieces

    Recycled Centerpieces

    Save your cans and upcycle them for your centerpieces.

  • Donut Wall

    Donut Wall

    Break out your tools and create an elaborate donut wall out of a sheet of plywood and some wooden dowels.

    Photo: Whitework Photography

  • Seating Chart

    Seating Chart

    A variety of frames within a larger frame, all painted gold to match, creates an eye-catching seating chart.

  • Wedding Signs: Painted Wood

    Wedding Signs: Painted Wood

    Create simple hand-painted signs for your sweetheart table chairs.

  • Table Games: I Spy

    Table Games: I Spy

    Spend some time creating fun games for your reception, like an I Spy you can display on your tables.

  • Table Numbers: Legos

    Table Numbers: Legos

    It’s likely that your neighbors will be spending time cleaning out their closets; ask in your local Buy Nothing group if anyone is getting rid of Legos, and use those random assortments to craft your table numbers.

  • Table Games: For Kids

    Table Games: For Kids

    There’s a wealth of free activities for children on the Internet, especially now. Spend some time searching around Pinterest and curating fun activities for your youngest wedding guests.

  • Kid-Friendly Centerpiece

    Kid-Friendly Centerpiece

    The kids’ table deserves its own centerpiece — and what could be better than jelly beans and lollipops?

    Photo: PhotoLove

  • Wedding Signs: Painted Mirror

    Wedding Signs: Painted Mirror

    Turn a vintage mirror into a sweet sign for your wedding.

  • Photo Props: Name Letters

    Photo Props: Name Letters

    This photo prop couldn’t be easier to make using materials you already have at home.

  • Decorated Accessories

    Decorated Accessories

    Use a Sharpie to transform a pair of umbrellas into fun photo props.

  • Flower Girl & Ring Bearer: Sign

    Flower Girl & Ring Bearer: Sign

    Now is the perfect time to teach yourself a new hobby, like needlepoint – which you can use to create a sweet sign for your ring bearer.

  • Reception Décor: Paper Cranes

    Reception Décor: Paper Cranes

    Creating 1,000 paper cranes is said to bring good luck… and lucky for you, you now have plenty of time to work on your origami.

  • Bouquet: Paper Flowers

    Bouquet: Paper Flowers

    Use paper flowers to design a one-of-a-kind bouquet that becomes a lovely keepsake after the wedding.

    Photo: Kim Lee

  • Reception Décor: Banners

    Reception Décor: Banners

    Create a bright and cheerful photo backdrop out of strands of hearts.

  • Ceremony Décor: Aisle Runner

    Ceremony Décor: Aisle Runner

    Tell your love story through a custom-designed aisle runner.

  • Wedding Signs: Banner

    Wedding Signs: Banner

    Craft a sweet banner to hang from your sweetheart table chairs.

    Photo: Mora Creative Studio

  • Boutonnières


    Use mini action figures to create unique boutonnières your groomsmen will love.

  • Flower Girl & Ring Bearer: Capes

    Flower Girl & Ring Bearer: Capes

    Your child attendants deserve to feel like superheroes! Craft custom capes for your littlest bridal party members.

  • Table Numbers: Fun Facts

    Table Numbers: Fun Facts

    Work on fun facts about your relationship to display on your tables.

  • Wedding Signs: Painted Bottles

    Wedding Signs: Painted Bottles

    Save those empty beer bottles! Hand-paint a letter on each to create a fun welcome sign.

  • Flower Girl & Ring Bearer: Banner

    Flower Girl & Ring Bearer: Banner

    Make a fun and festive flag banner for your flower girl to carry down the aisle.

    Photo: Town and Country Studios

  • Recycled Centerpieces

    Recycled Centerpieces

    Save those empty wine bottles and repurpose them as table number vases.

    Photo: Town and Country Studios

  • Photo Props: Hearts

    Photo Props: Hearts

    With some paper and wooden dowels, you can create cute props for your photo booth.

  • Guest Book: Date Ideas

    Guest Book: Date Ideas

    After being stuck in the house together for weeks on end, you’re going to need some fresh date-night ideas. Create a fun guest book that’ll help you gather inspiration.

    Photo: Captured by Aimee

  • Ceremony Décor: Backdrop

    Ceremony Décor: Backdrop

    Calligraphy is surprisingly easy to learn via YouTube. Once you’ve mastered the art, grab an old sheet or curtain and create a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your ceremony.

    Photo: Danielle Durin Film & Photo

  • Wedding Signs: Banner

    Wedding Signs: Banner

    Plan ahead for your wedding thank-you cards and design a banner to be photographed with that’ll make a gorgeous cover for your custom card.

  • Thank You Card

    Thank You Card

    Put your appreciation on paper with a heartfelt thank you card you’ll place at each table setting.

  • Guest Book: Tip Jar

    Guest Book: Tip Jar

    Get creative with your guest book and make a “tip jar,” where your guests can write their advice for a happy marriage.

  • Recycled Centerpieces

    Recycled Centerpieces

    Pinwheels are easy to craft out of materials you already have around the house. Turn them into whimsical centerpieces for your wedding.

    Photo: Sellers Publishing

  • Favors: Hot Cocoa

    Favors: Hot Cocoa

    Baking is a great stress-reliever. Get busy in the kitchen creating a shelf-stable favor, like hot chocolate on a stick.

    Photo: Evermine

40+ DIY Projects to Tackle While Stuck at Home

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