Must-Have Wedding Makeup Looks for Fall

Social Media Influencer Melissa Alatorre shares her favorite fall wedding makeup looks, and how to recreate them for your big day.

Look #1- Smokey Eye with Nude Lip

Melissa Alatorre

1. Going into The Soft and Smokey palette I will be using Nudity (Magnetic Luminous Eye Color) and I’m going to go ahead and apply the color across the entire lid. And then, to create a very soft smokey effect I’m going to take the color Chocolate and just run it along the upper and lower lash line keeping it mostly towards the outer portion of the eye.

2. I wanted to add just a little bit more of a nude color to the inner corner. I'm going to be using the color Purity (Intense Matte Lip + Cheek) because I like to do a couple of swipes and then buff it out.  

3. And to complete this daytime look, all I’m going to do is add Purity to the lips as well.

4. To easily amp up this look I’m going to take the color Raven (Intense Matte Lip + Cheek), and just apply a pinch to the cheeks and then add it to the lips.

And just like that, you’ve taken your day time look to an evening look!

Look #2- Soft Eye and Dark Lip

 Melissa Alatorre

1. The first color we're going to be using is Purity (Intense Matte Lip + Cheek) and I just stipple it in.

2. Moving into the eyes, I’m going to be using the color Chocolate (Magnetic Matte Eye Color) from the palette and we're going to add a little bit of this to the lower lash line.

3. Next from the palette, I’m going to be using the color Taupe (Magnetic Matte Eye Color) and I’m going to start with the outer corner and we're also going to add this color to the lower lash line, and with that same brush I’m going to buff it out.

4. To make this smokey eye a little glossy, I’m going to be adding the color Twilight (Magnetic Luminous Eye Color) and apply it to the lid – but I’m also going to go in with the color Nudity from my palette on the inner corners.

5. And to finish off the look, we’re going to apply the color Raven to the lips (Intense Matte Lip + Cheek) from the Soft + Smokey Palette.

Look #3- Mix of Soft and Smoky

Melissa Alatorre's Soft Eye and Dark Lip

1. Use the magnetic matte eye pencil in the color Chocolate to “contour” the eye.  Outline your desired eye shape (or follow the natural socket of the eye) and then blend out with fingers, or a synthetic bristle brush.

2. Deepen and smoke it out with the magnetic matte eye color in Taupe.  Focus this color more on the crease and the outer edge of the eyes to elongate and create a cat eye effect.

3. Apply magnetic luminous eye color in Twilight to the lid for a shimmery glossy effect.

4. Add magnetic luminous eye color in Nudity to the inner corners for an added pop!

5. Finally, to make the look cohesive – use intense matte lip & cheek pencil for color on the cheeks and lips. For the cheeks, apply 1-2 swipes and blend out with fingers or a beauty blender. For the lips, use the point of the pencil to outline the lip then fill them in and done!

With these tricks in mind, you can easily DIY these looks for any part of your fall wedding weekend! Happy celebrating!

–Melissa Alatorre

Melissa is a beauty maven and social media influencer with over 600k YouTube followers, and over 200k Instagram followers.