DIY We Love: Mason Jar Crafts

Get crafty with these creative, wedding-worthy Mason jar design ideas.

Ring Bearer Pillow in a Jar

diy mason jar ring bearer pillow

Difficulty Rating: Moderately Easy

Ring bearers have carried small pillows down the aisle for decades, taking a traditional approach in the delivery of the wedding rings. For the bride and groom who wish to see something different in their procession, this Mason jar pillow is a new variation. Young ring bearers can proudly transport this jar down the aisle and couples can appreciate this fresh take on a classic. Make a matching jar filled with petals to give to the flower girl.

Quart-size Mason jar
5 x 3½-inch Styrofoam egg
Craft knife
10-inch piece of ribbon
Leather belt
Block of scrap wood
Large nail
Jute twine
Fresh or dried flowers for decoration
6 x 6-inch piece of linen fabric
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

1. Remove the metal band from the Mason jar and set aside.

2. Cut the Styrofoam egg in half with a knife. Use the end that is more rounded. Drape the linen fabric over the Styrofoam and then tuck in the edges underneath it. Pull taut and hot-glue in place.

diy mason jar ring bearer pillow

3. Glue the linen-covered Styrofoam ball into the inside of the metal band. The Styrofoam should protrude out through the top. Tighten the band back onto the jar.

diy mason jar ring bearer pillow

4. Fold the ribbon in half to find the center point. Place a dab of glue at that point and then apply it to the top of the linen-covered Styrofoam. The rings will eventually be tied here.

diy mason jar ring bearer pillow

5. Measure out a section of the leather belt and cut it down to 20 inches with scissors.

6. Half an inch from each end of the belt, mark a center point with a pencil. Place one end of the belt over a block of scrap wood. Line up a large nail over the dot and hammer the nail into and through the leather. Repeat this with the other end. The nail will be driven through the leather and into whatever surface is below it, hence the scrap wood to protect your work surface. Instead of a nail, you can also use a stitching awl.

diy mason jar ring bearer pillow

7. Cut an 18-inch piece of jute twine. Wrap the twine around the jar a couple times below the band. Pass the twine through the holes in each end of the belt. Tie a knot in the twine. Glue sections of the jute to the glass for added strength.

8. Glue fresh or dried flowers around the jar.

9. Slip wedding rings through the ribbons and tie into a bow before heading down the aisle.

Extra Tips
Inexpensive leather belts can be found at local thrift stores, Goodwill stores, or big chain stores like Target. Find one in a hue and texture that complements your wedding colors.

The flowers and colors used in this example would look great at a shabby chic, garden wedding. By switching out colors and adornments, this DIY can be customized to your specific event.

For added visual interest, fill the inside of the jar with items that correspond to your theme. For a beach wedding, fill the jar with shells or sand. For a mountain wedding, fill it with pinecones. For a vintage wedding, fill it with old spools. Get creative!

Adapted from Mason Jar Crafts—DIY Projects for Adorable Gifts, Rustic Decor, Clever Storage, Inventive Lighting and Much More, by Lauren Elise Donaldson (Ulysses Press 2013).

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